Bleach 353

Hmmm... is it odd to think of a yarn colorway with silver, black, turquoise and the occasional flash of bright yellow? Maybe I should come up with a whole Bleach line of character inspired colorways?

*contemplates* "If you don't kill me now, it will never be over."

*wonders mildly at the translation*

I love those last few panels... as Orihime and Ulquiorra never quite touch... that's so... Asian. The *perfect* romance in Chinese literature is one that never, ever gets fulfilled. It's the ache that never gets relieved, and this so... fits and it's so beautiful...



I reveal my true American tendency to WANT IT TO WORK OUT.

*laughs* I hope he does come back. It'll be interesting to figure out how or why... or what. I'd wondered about the regeneration. I love that it was Ulquiorra's attack that did bring Ichigo back, that made sense. But I'm still not quite sure why he just poofs to dust rather than go smaller the way the girl-Arrancar did.
I'm torn between loving and hating this chapter. One part of me really feels that the character of Ulquorra got away from Kubo Tite because he made him too well. His gothic appearance, intelligence, lack of overtly violent tendencies and ultimately the mystery surrounding him and his motivations made him a very compelling character to a number of people, (obviously me).

At the same time a lot of other people felt nothing at all for him, which is perhaps what Kubo actually wanted us to feel. As Ulquiorra's fan base grew, Kubo had to bend to it a little and thus we have this chapter.

OR Kubo planned it like this, knowing it would break the hearts of the fans he had carefully cultivated this character to appeal to...

I mean think about it, Ulquiorra was a much more honorable character than many of the Soul Society Captains, and certainly more so than the favorite arrancar, Grimmjow, who impaled Rukia and took pot shots at Orihime. He never threatened to kill Orhime like Byakuya did Rukia - in fact it can be argued that he may have actually protected her from Ichigo's Getsuga, even if you chose to believe it was inadvertent.

And yet he dies and the others live and are made heros... even Byakuya (and most likely Grimmjow). So yeah, I'm not sure what to take away from it all.
Eh... assigning too much power to an author's "intent for an emotional reaction or fan reaction" is... fraught.

People react to anything written or published differently. Case in point is uhm... damn... I've forgotten the name... and crap had to remember it again Twilight. You can't assign intent on her part to MAKE people hate or love it any more than I'd assign intent on KT's part.

I suspect he wrote the story as it came to him.

I'm not sure Grimmjow is "the favorite Arrancar" either, but, as you know, I don't play the favorites game with forums or the fandom, either.

What does death mean in Japanese society?

I'm not sure anyone should 'know' what to take from the experience of reading it... and I'm not sure anyone can know that... or should, really... you get what you get.

I took away the fact that I think Ulquiorra's awesome, that he has his own needs and isn't emo, he isn't Aizen's dog, and he really did love Orihime in his own way. I took that he actually TRIED when everything in his previous philosophy and existence would have had him quit when he was down, he would never have taken that swing without seeing Orihime and Ichigo take theirs... he learned something. And that last exchange with the three of them was amazing.

And I'm not sure that likable, moral, virtuous, capable of defending those they love, is any recipe for survival in a book, any more than it is in the real world... those who protect us (police, fire fighters, military) are the most likely to die; but maybe I don't read enough shonen to have that expectation, yet...

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Or maybe it's just a simple setup to warn EVERYONE that there's going to be more character dying through the War than they expected.
Yes. I will definitely miss Ulquiorra as he was very, very interesting and not... repelling the way some of the other Arrancar are.

Besides, I think that was probably the most spectacular death of any of them, with interesting and unexpected consequences for the nakama and Ichigo as well.

I do wonder what ended up happening to Grimmjow.

Yeah, Ulquiorra will be missed...
Looking at the front page, I see what you mean about the colorway . . .

The thing which is coming to my mind, whether or not it's appropriate, is a bit from Neil Gaiman's Sandman, where one character comments that Morpheus (before his death) had changed as much as was possible for him to change, and that death was the only way out.

We've seen that the Espada are all serving Aizen for different reasons. Szayel was clearly in it for the power and opportunity to experiment. Grimmjow (and probably Yammi) wanted bigger targets. Nnoitora had to keep on trying to fight everyone more powerful than him rather than acknowledge his own weaknesses. The one who fought Byakuya (whose name I'm blanking on) saw Aizen as a great "liberator" who would "free" the Hollows. Aizen demonstrates his mirror-ness by showing everyone what they want to see . . .

But anyhow. I see Ulquiorra as having served Aizen because he thought Aizen was worthy (no fear, no weakness), and because he was a pragmatist. The weaker serve the stronger: that is the natural order of things. The warrior kills his opponents. I'm beginning to think that he wasn't deliberately cruel to Orihime or to Ichigo, he was just trying to impress on their little brains that "this was how things are and if you are sensible you will accept it and serve Aizen / walk away / avoid having me kill you / etc".

So when it comes to his own death, he faces it with equal calm. He lost. That's how it goes.

I don't think he would have indulged in that little bit of personal curiosity, that question, if he hadn't been dying and knowing that he was dying.
Yeah... I think that's entirely appropriate as a comment. It really does bring to my mind the fact that he has changed, and about as much as he can before he'd shatter in a different way...

Mmm... I love that idea about Aizen mirroring what everyone else wants back to them... that's very appropriate given what we've seen so far.

I think it does all go back to that strict order for Ulquiorra. Things Make Sense for him. And once they do there's no reason to struggle against it. That he takes that swipe at hollowfied Ichigo was... remarkable, but, yeah... back to the change that can go no further, and that question as well and when he decides to ask it.

Poor 'Hime.

*grins* I love your comments.

Ulqui dust SUCKS. Although the turning into dust kind of suits his Dracula get up. The abruptness of it was totally unnecessary.

I can't see this as Ichigo's victory yet, I know even after everything that has happened. They just never got to finish their fight and it was an important one.
Ulquiorra kind of going "meh" and then just dying is not winning. I think Ichigo understood that.

As cool as these last few chapters have been, and they were so damn cool, I've got so much to complain about because so much of it doesn't make sense. Plus I didn't want to see him go. This is the second time I've had to say that I didn't want something.

God, if somebody doesn't at least give Ishida a band-aid in 354 I will be seriously hurt.

/// end rant :P
Oh, yeah, Ichigo says as much. He had no desire to 'win' that way...

They are very cool.

I thought they made a lot of sense to me at least... but I can see how they could confuse the heck out of lots of folks.

And I know a lot of people who really didn't want to see him go.

Poor, patient, long-suffering Ishida. I'm sure it's no consolation to know that a gut wound takes a long time to kill a person. And while I don't exactly blame Orihime for being less than efficient in that situation, I'd *like* to see her actually heal him after he basically took it for her...

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hahaha I'm too afraid to complain about Orihime in public posts. Let's just ;eave it at that.

What confused me was the HOWs and the WHYs. Superficially, I see why some things had to happen. I just don't get technical things. But at the same time; I'm probably not meant to get it yet. *shrug*

I've been gettin' an eyeful of how useless she is from so many people that I am grateful for your restraint. Thank you. *grins*

Ah... technical things?

I'll admit I'm still bemused that he just drifted away when we've seen one Arrancar go chibi when knocked down a notch, MOST of them only dust when actively hit, and no real purifications at all... *laughs*... but I attribute it to TK's... uhm... charming ability to give us MORE ways to do things than we thought there were. *grins*

But I could see why that's frustratingly inconsistent to many.
GOD, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about her.

And I'm sure that Urahara will find a way to explain everything to us soon enough. XD
*laughs* It must be my flist...

I've seen at least half a dozen folks ranting about how useless and stupid and why doesn't TK get RID of her??

It's not you. It's my flist. *laughs and laughs*

I think of her as a very traditional Japanese girl, so I'm less... inclined, but I understand why folks think that way.

*falls over giggling* Yes. Urahara would at least come up with plausible explanation even if it's not true. *laughs and laughs*
But often, Urahara's answers come with some sort of price.

"This and that is exactly why you turned into hollowmonster!ichigo. It is dangerous and it is bad! And I was right all along!.....but we think you should stay here for the next arc or two while we figure out if you can do it again."
Yes, and nevre forget the hidden agenda and plan he has for his own reasons. *grins*

*laughs* Normally I hate the unrequited love that Japanese anime is so fond of. I never shipped UlquHime, but in this case I thought it was actually very lovely and fitting.

I still have a little worm of suspicious that he'll be back though. Which is cool with me as long as its not cheap or trite. He was my favorite villain and if this was his end, it was worthy.

As for why he poofed and Nel only chibified, I think its a matter of degrees. Nel only had her mask cracked, which is survivable, as is having a mask removed like her fraccion. But Ulquiorra had all his internal organs blown away, the one thing other than his head that he said he couldn't regenerate.

I'm still not sure Grimmjow is actually alive, though I suspect he is. For him though near decapitation might have been too much. *shrugs*

Honestly I don't worry about it too much. I really liked his fight with Ichigo and unless he completely changes his spots I'm not sure what he would have to offer the storyline if he returned. Though given my love of Kubo's surprises I'm doubt it would disappoint me. XD

Its Isshin, Ryuuken and Urahara's previous knowledge of each other that I'm am salivating for. Though seeing Ukitake, Nanao and Kyouraku's releases are a really close second. :D
I'll admit that I'm with you on all of that. *grins* I thought it was a very worthy and heartfelt send off for Ulquiorra, all in all.

And, I could definitely see that as being the difference between him and Nel. Thanks for the reasoning!!

*grins* And I like your priorities on what you want to see.