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I have discovered Scottish oatmeal. It's more like stone-ground oats than steel cut oats, and it comes out a lot like an old childhood standby, Cream of Wheat. Admittedly not my childhood, but I imagined that it might have been someone's when Indiana moms cooking for the Girl Scout camping breakfasts used to make big pots of Cream of Wheat and top it with butter and brown sugar and milk. It seemed something creamy and comforting and so very different (as a kid) to the rice porridges my mom used to make to ease an aching stomach.

The cooked Scottish oats are reminiscent of that bowl I had as a girl, topped with brown sugar, a studded with dried black currents, and swimming in a warm pool of milk from our local dairy.

Easter was good. John's cousin and her daughter have been marvelous guests. But I'm very grateful for this first morning alone.

Easter was rainy, and John had gone out Saturday night, to get folks from the airport. He and I split Bunny duties and in the morning Jet was roaming the house marveling at everything the Easter Bunny had wrought. He and I agreed that this year the bunny had done better than last year because the bunny had found eggs with *crunchy* bits in the middle and they were good.

Church was stuffed full, and we had a bit of a scramble getting all the Easter Lilies up to the alter, as part of the undrapping and brightening of the whole front. It is a lot like the stage work I used to do... and Jet really liked bringing up the last lily and placing it right smack in the middle. He also got recruited to ring the bell and simply by being there, he got to do quite a few things that he was pretty proud of, afterward.

The fellowship hour was a bit insane. Part of the insanity was that the congregational care committee had actively decided to not have any crew work the snacks for Easter, just so they didn't have to do work for a holiday. Problem is that it sticks the coffee person with all the cleanup. Then one of the ladies who helped out with the breakfast service just knew that there were leftovers, so she brought all of them over from the Fellowship hall, so now we had food. But half the job of the snack crews is cleaning up after the food, which is much bigger than just bringing it. So that one lady and the coffee person for the morning were totally stuck with cleaning up *everything*. So I talked with the head of the care committee about it as I'm one of the coffee people, and if I had been stuck with all that, I'd have been livid.

So that worked out, as they're going to reconsider the decision.

The afternoon was spent at the Rocks' house, and there were like eight families, a good dozen plus kids, and much fun and food and eggs were had. I brought my knitting, and got a good ways through my second pair of chartreuse socks, which felt very good. Then at about 6 we went home and got to see a chunk of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Jet didn't want to watch the bloody bits, so he and I would talk in the library until it was "safe".... and then we'd come back. He really liked all the bits he recognized from Monty Python Fluxx. *laughs* Especially the Flying Cow. *laughs and laughs*

Yesterday, after getting Jet off to the bus, the four of us went to Boulder, and up to Artist Point, with a good hike behind it to see all the views back there. It was beautiful, sunny, very little wind, and the Ponderosa pines and mountain were pretty empty and quiet. The initial hike straight up had me wondering if I should have just stayed in the car. With my reduced lung capacity it felt like I just couldn't get enough air to keep up, so I slowed a little, but kept at it. Figure that it's the only way I'm going to get back some capacity was by pushing what I have. The body's pretty amazing with respect to that.

So I got to the top... and then it flattened out for most of the rest of the walk, and that proved easy enough, even at altitude.

And I'd forgotten how quiet the mountains can be. With nothing but the wind and the wildlife.

We had lunch in Boulder, sitting by Boulder Creek, and then we visited the Dushanbe Teahouse and I ooo'ed and aaahhhh'ed over a Sijichun Oolong they had there. It's a very green, orchid-scented oolong. What really amused me was that they now sell Yixing pots with their logo on them, and their tea bar personnel gave fairly lucid instructions on how to brew the tea appropriately in a Yixing pot. I liked that he actually said, "Well... you *can* drink the first steep, but I really like the second one much better, and you can use it for multiple steepings."

I have a weakness for people who know what they're doing.

John and I went home after that, and since the day was pretty much shot anyway I went and got my allergy shots. Then came home to catch up a little on email and things, and then we got Jet from the bus. He did his homework pretty quickly when he learned that we were planning on going to Boulder for dinner. They came back a little early to freshen up and then we went back to Boulder in one car, had a bit of a reservation at Mountain Sun, but when we found the Gondolier open, we decided to go there instead.

The food was good, the first wine they brought was way too young, and the manager had had it as a special on their special's menu. Oof, so we got a different wine because we just couldn't drink it. They took it off the tab, which was very good, and we enjoyed our actual bottle very much.

We ended up at Glacier Ice Cream for dessert. It's one of our local ice cream places, that makes an assortment of gelatos (less fat, more 'flavor' and sometimes more sugar) as well as ice cream, and I happily chose a Costa Rican vanilla with fudge. It smelled wonderful and tasted of all the orchidy goodness of a good, real vanilla. Rich and complex and flavorful... it was really nice. Jet got mint chip, as usual, and John's cousin found a Blood Orangcicle. *grins* It was really, really good and she bought a handpacked pint to take home with us. That was neat.

So today I'm sore and tired and my guts aren't happy with me for my climb yesterday, so I'm eating comfort food and thinking about writing. I need to do more of that.

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