The Problem of Too Much Research

Is that I now want to write slash fic for Bukan and his tiger along with Kanzan and Jittoku.

HOW I got here, I have no idea.

(and, yes, there's no way ANYONE would know that they're all supposed to be something like reincarnated Buddhist deities... where Jittoku (literally foundling) got picked up by Bukan, who is a Buddhist Biggie, so enlightened that he picks up a tiger for a friend (whom we assume is just as enlightened otherwise it'd eat him?), and Jittoku works in the monastery as a cleaning guy and takes leftovers from the kitchen to Kanzen (literally "Cold Mountain"), who's a wild sage in the woods of a big, and you guessed it, cold mountain, where he studies and writes. Most pictures have Kanzen with a scroll in his hands, Jittoku with a broom in his, and they're laughing their heads off; and traditionally, the scroll has nothing on it. But there were like dozens and dozens of Japanese and Chinese paintings of this pairing... and no one really knew what they looked like, so the scroll and the broom were the 'keys' to which was which...)
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that's it, I must have had too much of the beer I was using for the beer-butt chicken... yeesh...