Sunshine and lace

Knitting lace is remarkably like eating potato chips for me.

"Just one more row..." and I get into trouble, sometimes. Especially with this silk-merino blend by Knit Picks. I picked the Sterling because it was a gray base that I could add the blues and greens for the Shipwrecked shawl onto; but it's like knitting with silver thread, it shines so but it's also so soft.

I didn't have quite enough of the ocean colorway lace yarn I needed for the Shipwreck shawl, so I decided to go for the same amount of yardage, but in lace weight, so that my beads could still fit on it. And it's been really fun to do. So, yeah, I've fallen into the lure of lace. I also drew chibi Byakuya and Hakkai with tea... *laughs*
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well... it's not actually that intimidating for me. It's... experience with this kinda lace. It's funny as I'm knitting along and going, "Oh, made a mistake on the previous row, okay, dropping the stitch fixes it..."

... realized that I'm comfortable enough with 'every row lace' that this puppy is comfort knitting for me.

The lace panels have all the yarn overs and decreases lined up very simply and the increases to make it a circle are every time the diameter doubles... and as I get further out into the circle, the less frequently the increases get.

I'm just not looking forward to the frothy part as that's going to be a kind of doldrums of yo 2tog for EVER... *laughter*
*dances about* I also got two skeins of bulky for Jet and Crash, and two skeins of worsted, one for you and one for me, plus three skeins of the silk sock yarn because it was just so nice for Gabe's gloves I have to do more. *laughs* It was like Christmas!! Enough stuff to keep me busy for *months*.

I'll do pictures when it looks like something. *laughs*
I can't wait to see how this shawl turns out with the colours you selected. I'm simply boggled that you knit with lace weight yarn.
Well, it'll be silver until I'm done... and then I'll over dye with the other colors. *grins* Lace weight on US 4's... it's lovely.
I'll bet it is. Smallest needles I've used were 2.75mm.

Oh! Knitting needle question!

I use circular needles exclusively (great for making sure playful kitty doesn't accidentally pull my stitches off my needles when I put my knitting down *stares at rambunctious Kizmet*). I need to use a pair of 6.5mm needles for a project I'll be starting and the cable between the needles is very stiff and prone to curling/looping back on itself. I put them in a roasting pan, held down the mid point of the cable with a coffee mug and the needles together with clothes pins and poured boiling water to cover the cable over them.

This has taken the loop/curl out of the cable (yea!) but the cable itself is still quite stiff and has very little flexibility, making the needles a tad awkward to use. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the cable more supple or should I just say screw it and buy a new pair (which kinda pisses me off as the needles are perfectly serviceable, if slightly annoying).

These are an older pair of needles as well. Maybe... 10 years or so and they've never loosened up in all that time.
Well, US 4's are a whopping 3.5mm. *grins* And the smoke ring/Ice Queen used 5mm needles with lace weight yarn. I love lace because you use a much bigger needle size than you'd expect. I love 2.75mm's for socks, they're my favorite size, all in all.

Hmmm... you tried the one thing I would have tried, which is heating them. That would be a real pain, and I'm afraid that with the really stiff ones I haven't heard of a way to loosen them up.

I love the Knitpicks cables and interchangeable needles and the Auditurbo ones, none of them are particularly hard and are very flexible. I also really, really like the Crystal Palace bamboos ones because their cables are astonishingly flexible. So there are a lot of options out there now.

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Damn! I was afraid of that. It really tweaks my tail to go buy another pair of needles when I have a pair here at home that are perfectly serviceable except for the stiffness of the cable. *grumbles*

The bamboo ones I picked up (I don't remember the company name) are very nice and the cable for those is wicked flexible. It's like medical tubing! *sigh* This likely means I'll have to go to the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) to get a pair as the Michael's is too far to walk to and me in a Michael's with money to spend is just a Bad Idea.
*giggles* I'll look forward to seeing that! And the chibi's! I really wanna see the chibi's!
The thread is very wonderful to work with, happy sighs...

But it looks a bit like a hair net right now. *laughs* The tribulations of knitting lace, until it's blocked it just looks like a wrinkly bag thing....

Maybe when I switch to the bigger circular needles I can lay it out and get a good picture...
I suppose projects like this is like a baby seedling. It starts out looking nothing like the eventual glory. :D
Oh, very, very much so!! *smiles* And the pattern is proving to be lovely and easy to do and natural with my lace knitting experience.
Sounds great! Can't wait to see the finished beauty. :D
I should get started on a new drawing myself. Keeping busy with spring clean-up of the "yarden" (yard & garden). XD