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Liralen Li

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Sunshine and lace

Knitting lace is remarkably like eating potato chips for me.

"Just one more row..." and I get into trouble, sometimes. Especially with this silk-merino blend by Knit Picks. I picked the Sterling because it was a gray base that I could add the blues and greens for the Shipwrecked shawl onto; but it's like knitting with silver thread, it shines so but it's also so soft.

I didn't have quite enough of the ocean colorway lace yarn I needed for the Shipwreck shawl, so I decided to go for the same amount of yardage, but in lace weight, so that my beads could still fit on it. And it's been really fun to do. So, yeah, I've fallen into the lure of lace. I also drew chibi Byakuya and Hakkai with tea... *laughs*
Tags: knitting, lace
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