Everyone should be able to see Gene Kelly tap dancing on rollerskates. The old kind, with the steel wheels, that you strap on... *laughs* Courtesy of grimmalkin. Thanks!!

That was wicked cool. I'm passing on the link to the Hubby as he loves Gene Kelly and those old musicals.
oh that was fun! I wonder if those were really strap-ons. I used to have the strap on kind and if I had tried anything like that not only would I have been flat on my ass XD but the skates would not have stayed on. We did go to roller rinks where we rented boot skates with the same kind of wheels. I've never even tried in-line skates....
They looked and sounded like the steel wheelies... and I used to do a lot on them (my knees are pretty scarred up) and graduated to a pair of big black and yellow boot skates, that had big, yellow polyurethane wheels.

But they might be boots... would make more sense as to how they stay on so tight with all he's doing... *grins*

I've never tried in-line skates, either. *thougthfuls*
I was loving those outside edges and then Holy S**t! that was such a lovely, easy outside mohawk! And then he did it again!

That was great. I'm sending it out as my video of the day.
YAY! Technical skatey talk!!! Hee...

Yay for being able to send it out as your video of the day. It's worth spreading about. *grins*
People have loved it! (Although my sister was busy looking for unusual haircuts.) Definitely worth spreading.
He's #1 in my book over the other guy any day. ^_^ Kelly really had a solid understanding of weight placement. It shows in his skating, but it really shows in all of his dancing. It's the secret of his utter ease and grace.

LOL the French subtitling really adds to the clip, doesn't it? XD
YES! The French subtitling really does add something... ♥


And wow... yeah... I do like Gene Kelly much better than the other guy... *laughs and laughs*

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What a lovely clip! He makes it look so easy and I love that.
He really does make it look so easy and graceful... *happy sighs*

And having been on skates like that, it's just astonishing to watch. *laughs*
Amazing! There's a man who knows how to make his body move.