Earth Day Week Hurts...

I was on my bike every morning for the first three days of this week getting Jet to school or going to work there myself as a volunteer, and then spent hours at Jet's school raking up wood chips that had blown onto their lawns. So I just ached for most of yesterday...

And then today I had a bad reaction to my allergy shots that had the nurses all running around like crazy. They even tested my pulmonary functionality, tracked my blood oxygen, and kept a close track on my breathing for an hour after the shots... *sighs* Yes... there's a reason I wrote Jyuushiro's breathing difficulties with *feeling* in the Winter War piece.

But I'll admit the weather has suddenly turned to summer. 70's for most of the last few days and so much sunshine my baby tomato plants have been pretty badly sunburned. I may have to resort to commercial plants this year. Not a terrible thing, but still a thing. And with the warm weather, all the trees, grasses and everything have been going nuts. I think the biking helped. But I haven't been able to move much today or yesterday (from soreness).

My vegetable garden is doing very, very well (thanks for asking, gogoangelgunboy!). The spinach and radishes are nearly ready for picking. The sugar snap peas are catching on the support strings already, and the lettuce and onions and garlic are all up and growing like crazy. The green onions are taking over a whole patch that I planted them in, and I have so much spinach in waves, this time, that I'm really going to have plenty for salads and stir fries and everything this year. I'm very happy about that.

It's been good to just ride my bike everywhere, too. To get Jet to school, to get bagels, to get my asthma drugs, to meet up with the other moms on the Mom's Night Out. I am getting a lot better on a bike, through mud, puddles, on rocks, and even against traffic and at night. I'm learning a lot about how to get around so that there's no possibility of getting hit, never mind traffic laws or not. *laughs*

So I've been enjoying it all.

I also volunteered for the rummage sale this morning from 8-10am at the church. It's to raise funds for the house building we do each year, so there are no prices on anything, we just say, "Donate what you want." and folks do. That's kind of cool. But the good thing was that right as my shift was ending, people really started coming in.

I've been happily busy with the tablet, with knitting, and other things, too, and I've been writing enough to feel like I'm actually getting something done; but I really need to concentrate on Twin Souls next. I'm happy that I got Tenpou's tea done and the Winter War chapter done. I'm in the throes of finishing up chapters with Stark for the Ukitake/Shuuhei, and that's been good; but I really, really want to finish Jyuushiro's family visit soon, too.
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*Hugs* I hope things are okay now.
I am glad that you are having fun, keeping busy and using the bike so much.
Good luck with the rest of your writing.
Yes. Things are okay. Still just a little tired and shaky, but breathing is not a problem now.

*hugs* I'm glad, too... and thank you!
April 25 10:46 AM
Hello Phyllis. It was great to read your web page this morning and catch the latest Longmont news. Sounds like you are getting quite a bit of time on your bike. Your gardening is way ahead of hours. Our sugar snap peas are almost a foot high now after being seeded by the wide trench method. Expect we will have a mass of green vines climbing up to the west side catwalk. Just finished yesterday planting tomatoes with waxpaper hot caps. Six Early Girl and six Black Russian (black when ripe). Please pass on my greetings also to John and Jet. George R
Re: April 25 10:46 AM
Thanks, George! It's been good...

Though your peas and tomatoes are well ahead of ours, the other greens here really are doing well.
Ugh sorry about your shots. *hugs* for good measure.

We've been having summer too. I could use a bit more spring though it looks like that what we'll be getting the rest of the week.

Now if only I could keep my kids healthy...

I'd say you've been industriously productive. *crosses fingers* for more Twin Souls. ;)
*hugs back gratefully*

Thanks. I'm finally recovered, I think... yeah... a bit more spring rain would be nice, and yes, Staying Healthy is good.

*looks hopefully at Twin Souls as well*