I Has Arts!!

I commissioned another Twin Souls picture because I was kind of feeling down about how little I was getting done on the story lately...

And I really, really love what akiahara did. See it here.
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How can a ripped-off sleeve and bared arm look so very cool? :)

Nice picture. Very nice!
Wow, she did some awesome work for you there. I've been toying with the idea of getting somebody to do some pictures of my boys for me but I've so many things sucking the money out of my wallet its not even funny *sigh*.
She *really* did. I'm really happy.

Yeah, I've been picking up small consulting jobs recently, so I've been spending it on artists that I like. *grins* Lots of them are in need of even a little pocket money, so I've kind of just set aside all my consulting and commission money to kind of pass it forward in a way.

It'll be interesting if I actually do go ahead and do an art show this summer with my ink paintings, as I'll probably convert all of that money (that doesn't pay for my materials and taxes) into art commissions as well.

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I like your ink paintings very much. I dunno if it's fair for one person to have that much talent *narrows eyes*. Tell the truth, you snuck back into the talent line a few times when nobody was looking, didn't you?
*looks kinda sheepish*

Or maybe just missed out on a helping of "that's hard you can't do THAT"... I mean, my ink paintings to start were crap, just like knitting, and calligraphy and writing... *grins* and my manga-style drawings now are crap, but I'll get somewhere with it, I just have to keep trying.

*laughs* I suppose everything takes practice but you've got a pretty sharp learning curve. It seems like you don't take long before you "got it". Then again, I've no idea how long you work at it before we see the pretty so....

I think if you want to see some paintings, you'll get everything gone that you bring out *nods*.
Oh, that's very true. I am a fast learner when I really focus. I've learned how to learn things as quickly as possible, and I'm good at figuring out where I'm weak so that I can shore that particular thing up with practice. So, yeah, I might have gone back in line for an extra helping of *that*. Hee.

I mostly show nearly everything I do, unless I throw it away, and sometimes I've even pictured the scrap piles as well. *laughs*
OH she did a wonderful job, though I love her dearly so I'm a bit biased. XD

I especially adore how young she made them look.

I smell inspiration. *giggles* Sorry I couldn't help myself. :P
I am, too. XDD

I have to agree. Normally, she makes all the kid-chars look like grownups, so it was really cool to see her make the two old men look so *young*

Oh, yeah... oh... yeah. I have to agree. It's now my desktop. *laughs*