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Head Cold

Just got a mild head cold, probably the one Jet was carrying around with him all last week. Not a surprise. It's just mild and quiet and I'm still able to think, just not move very quickly without leaving my head behind. So it's not too bad, and the best thing is that I decided to just stay home and work from home today instead of going in as I had been planning. So getting to the 9 am meeting was as simple as walking up the stairs to the office.

Jet got up at 7 and John was up with him for an hour last night, so I got up and nursed him awake and then we made cinnamon buns together from the Cooks Illustrated recipe that doesn't have a yeast dough, just more of a buttermilk biscuit dough for the bread of the roll. I was really curious about how it would turn out. I love yeasted cinnamon rolls a lot, but they take a whole day's forethought. It's quick the morning of, though, as I do the second rise in the refrigerator, so whenever John and Jet get up they can just fire up the oven, take the rolls out of the fridge and by the time the oven's hot enough, the rolls are nearly at room temp and can just go right into the oven. Still, when I don't make them the night before, it'd be nice to have an alternative.

It did take about the hour that the instructions said, about half an hour to mix up all the innards, the dough, and then shape it into rolls in a cake pan, and half an hour to bake, though some of that overtime might have been because of our high altitude. So it took a little more time than the tube rolls, but they tasted a *whole* lot better. Plus I was able to sub in a bit of whole wheat flour for that extra crunch and nuttiness to the rolls and I cut the sugar in half and the butter by a third, which fit our tastes a bit better.


They were really biscuity rather than yeast rolly, which I should have expected, but still didn't. They had a really good crunch to the crust, and the sweet interior crusted nicely as well. Buttery and crisp, almost scone-like in body and crumb. They were good, and good for being quick, but they didn't hit me in the '*this* is a cinnamon roll' satisfaction spot.

Jet was pretty clingy this morning, and he'd had a pretty rough night until about 1 am... so he got to see a lot of the cinnamon roll making process while sitting in his sling on my hip. We think he's teething again, as Tylenol seems to help him out a lot.

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