Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Life's Fun

I thought I was in a slump. I started counting words after publishing Tenpou's Tea, and I figured it out today. I've been editing, multiple rounds of it with a co-author and a beta, and I've been counting all the words I've edited and reedited to the tune of 50,000 words in just the last two weeks. So uhm... it's not that I've been unable to write because of a block, it's mostly because there's so much else going on, I guess.

I really, really am amused by the fact that when I'm riding my bike, the wind gets high enough that it whistles through the ring in my tragus piercing. I also have to admit that when I'm biking and I *need* to wear my leather fingerless gloves to protect my hands, they just seem far cooler and sexier than if I were wearing them just for show.

The weather has been on and off good. 70's and then one morning, the first morning John accidentally left out all the tomato and green pepper seedlings outside, there was actual snowfall!! Eek. They survived. I need to repot them to give them some more room to grow...

When it's sunny and nice, I do all my errands on my bike, and it's been really fun. I've gotten good at jumping curbs, leaning into fast turns, at finding paths that cars can't go, at finding sidewalks and not going quite with traffic all the time and looking out for cars that actually can kill me. I go to the bank, the bagel shop, the book store, Target for my drugs, and the grocery store with my light big backpack, and it's been fun.

My breathing is finally getting back to doable. The nurses when they were testing my oxygen counts said that I'm full up, at 99 to 100%, now. So that's to the good. Lungs are up to 70% capacity, which is under the 'healthy' 80%. That was a surprise for me, that I'm actually not THAT far from what's considered 'healthy'... so that was cool to know.

Haven't had as much time for knitting as I like, but I'm almost done with my second pair of socks, and getting deep into the last round of lace on the shawl. That's fun. Also learned more about the proper proportions for the human torso, neck, chin, and shoulders, along with what bones are really in the forearm and knee and how to really render those correctly. So many people seem to complain about their "anatomy" in their drawings, thought I'd just crunch through a bunch of drawing exercises on that to start. No, you're not going to see them. *laughs*

And probably going to crunch through several dozen hand and foot drawings as well. They intimidated me, so I have to do them. *laughs* Maybe that's my real learning style. If it scares me I'll do it.

Got a nice chrysanthemum and plum blossom painting DVD that I'm really liking, and now I want to do more Mums and plums/cherries. The tattered blossoms from this year are calling me to paint them, too.

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