Gnashes Teeth

... and keeps a TIGHT hold on the credit card.

Little Knits is having a 50% off sale on On Line Sock Yarns, 45% off Kureyon Sock, and omg a sale on Koigu's Painter's Palette Premium Merino Yarn (KPPPM)

That last... the Painter's Palette yarns are just... and the *colors* and combinations are just breathtaking, the sale isn't that much off, and the yarn is really fantastically expensive; but... oh but... I'm so terribly tempted. I should probably just knit up the Kureyon sock I have, first, before indulging, but... *whimpers*.
*pets* I know your pain (though mine is fabric). And we totally have self-restraint. Totally. *nods wisely* Temptation is just such a tempting thing. XD
Oh, yes!! Yeah, I just love the kind of combinations they come up with, and a single skein is just a joy to work with.

I aspire to dyelots like theirs. Goodness.
*laughs* If you do use one of the palettes for a colorway for your wedding, tell me which?

So the most important question is -- how fast can you knit up your current Kureyon sock, so that you can then virtuously buy yourself some more sock yarn? :)
So would it be virtuous if I bought some so I could get fingerless gloves? Or would it just be adding to your workload? :)

I realllly adore the Koigu KPPPM ...
especially colors 800, 814, and 852. Especially 800, drool.
Oh, it would be entirely virtuous. I'd be happy to buy the 800 for that purpose. *laughs* :-) I was just thinking that one skein is just about perfect for a pair of fingerless gloves...

I'd just need the width of your palm, just above the thumb, as in this picture and I will get on it. *grins*

I'm just about done with my chartreuse socks, so having another small project to layer with the shawl would be perfect.

*claps hands to ears and runs*

(must stick to budget, must stick to budget...)