Gnashes Teeth

... and keeps a TIGHT hold on the credit card.

Little Knits is having a 50% off sale on On Line Sock Yarns, 45% off Kureyon Sock, and omg a sale on Koigu's Painter's Palette Premium Merino Yarn (KPPPM)

That last... the Painter's Palette yarns are just... and the *colors* and combinations are just breathtaking, the sale isn't that much off, and the yarn is really fantastically expensive; but... oh but... I'm so terribly tempted. I should probably just knit up the Kureyon sock I have, first, before indulging, but... *whimpers*.
So the most important question is -- how fast can you knit up your current Kureyon sock, so that you can then virtuously buy yourself some more sock yarn? :)