Warren Ellis' FreakAngels

The problem with recommending Warren Ellis' FreakAngels to an individual is that every time I do it, I read the whole thing from the start again. So I thought I'd just take advantage of having just read it All Again, and just tell all you about it, too.

It's post-apocalyptic steam punk with psionics, but that doesn't even come close to what it's really about.

While I have a paper copy of the first volume and I'll have the second volume as well, but there's something I like about reading it in its original format, the weekly six-page issues on my screen. It's mildly unique in that it's a weekly web comic, rather than a daily; but that means one gets a whole six pages to drool over each Friday. *happy sighs*

It's Mature Content, folks. Just so you know, lots of violence and implied sex and bad language... hell, it's Warren Ellis. *laughs*

I thought you might be. *grins* Right down your alley, so to speak.

I kept wondering what Connor's job was right up until they told us. And it made so much sense I was like... wow. I think I have a crush on Karl and his tinfoil hat and his strawberry girls as well as just plain love Arkady. *laughs*
Freakangels is awesome.

And Arkady is an utterly cool little madgirl.
She is, isn't she?

A whole new meaning to the word "mind-bending".

I do love her.

And Karl's aluminum cap. *grins*
I've been reading Freak Angels online. Wish I didn't have to wait every week for updates. It's pretty much classic Warren Ellis. So. Good.