I Colored Grimmjow

Just a bust of him being typically Grimm. *laughs* Work safe. Just lots of bits.

My writing brain turned off, and my graphical brain, which isn't very good at time, turned on the other night as I worked on this. And the next thing I knew, the milk delivery guy was banging away at the milk box. Oommph. I put the milk away and went to bed and in the morning, John laughed and laughed when he found the milk in the fridge instead of in the delivery box.

This is another sketch I commissioned from the lovely Marourin that she gave me permission to color.

I think I'm getting better at it, at least a little more confident about wider color ranges for various things, including getting the shadows much deeper than my first inclinations are.

It was odd but amusing to make the background much darker than I have so far and get that almost 'painted on velvet' look for Grimmjow. I think he has those kind of tastes, velvet paintings and high collars and cheap beer... *laughs*

I used my little Bamboo tablet again with GIMP and I'm liking the results enough that I'm getting a little confidence in my ability to get shading correct on these simpler portraits. I was really scared of 'inking' much less 'coloring', and now I'm less so, and I need to just keep practicing my sketching, I think. Not that I'm up to Marourin's level, in the least, but now at least I think I'll be able to support what I can draw...
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wow ... very nice drawing and lovely coloring ... *snugs* hope you have a good weekend ... I'll text.
*huggles* Thanks! You, too. I hope you have a *great* trip and that the Con's a lot of fun and that you get plenty of sleep before and after. *grins*
Nice! Again, good job on the hair. I'm afraid to draw Grimmjow because I know shading his hair would be the end of me XD
*dances* *beams* Wow, thank you!!

It wasn't that hard, in an odd way... I dunno... kinda did this mildly more anime style (after watching far too much Bakugan Battle Brawlers with Jet) than manga-style, in that I put a flat turquoise underneath everything, just shaded the roots dark, and kind of randomly threw on white where I thought a light source might hit it... as you might see in the bigger one, there's just squiggles of white in places. *laughs*

This was MUCH faster than Hyena, oddly enough...
Ah but see, it's the "randomly threw" that doesn't work. I don't do random when it comes to art. I just can't. I want to be so precise for some things that it gets very stupid. Every line has to be smooth, every curve perfect... I'm working on a Bleach piece right now that will probably be the end of me XD
MMmm... yeah...

But you do such beautiful work!! So it's probably worth doing it that finely, yes?

I've been doing ink painting just to break me of trying to control everything because I can't that sometimes that drives me insane. *laughs*
It's always worth it, yes, but I wish I could force myself to do... not necessarily messier but more random stuff. Ah well, I suppose that's just my style and I should be happy with it ^^
I do like the way you've done the blues. And I can totally see him being a black velvet painting type.
Very nice. And yes, Grimmjow would be all for Velvis and beer whose value is measured in quantity rather than quality.
Precisely. He's not particular. *laughs* Just wants to win on the comparison. *shakes head*
I fully agree with you. Grimmy does seem like the kind to have velvet paintings hanging around the place. Nice job on the colouring.
Ooh, his hair is amazing! You've done a great job on this piece.

I agree with your assessment of his character, too. *laugh*
You are definitely getting better!

My graphical brain has no sense of time either. It wants to be the only child and likes to completely monopolize me. XD