Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Volunteering at School and Word Wars

For the last two days I've been doing a lot of volunteering at Jet's school. John went in all of Monday morning, and I went in all afternoon to help the teachers with the kids while they were doing literacy examinations on the kids. Then this morning I went in in the morning to do Mountain Math with the kids as well as take most of my afternoon on my little consulting gig. So I got exactly 506 words written, thanks to participating in one of the toonowrimo Word Wars in the one hour I had free this whole day.

It was on the next Twin Souls chapter, so I was very grateful.

So the basic idea is that there is a get ready, set go, and everyone in the chat room works for 30 minutes on whatever writing they want. At the end of the 30 minute period, everyone compares how many words they got done. Just for the fun of it. It's really NOT made for chatting, other than during the breaks between periods, so a very simple chat room suffices, and it's one where you won't show up to everyone on your buddies list on whatever IM you use. The idea is to not distract/interrupt everyone during the working sessions if at all possible.

It reminds me a little of speedficcing, which I did a little early last summer, where chat folks would just put together a prompt and everyone would post a first-draft fic based on the prompt and we'd all comment on each other's fics. I got some good ones out of that, like Ishida's Ghosts.

It makes what's essentially a solitary sort of work into something that's not quite so lonely, though most of the folks on that particular community are working on books for publication. I'm half wondering if there are writers here that would be interested in that kind of thing. And if so, I might either just stick around the toonowrimo room for longer... or start a fanfic room, and start making promises for when I'll be there, as it would be a great incentive for me to make regular writing time during the summer. I can't make the standard 9-12 EST times, as it's right in the middle of when I have to get Jet to school in the morning...

Heck, if some people need prompts, I'd be happy to supply something at the start of each session, too. *laughs*

But if you'd be interested in dropping in on a session or two, just... comment or show up. XD

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