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I'm thinking about using a couple of free journals just to post links to particular kinds of updates here. Here's where you can tell me if you'd want that. Who responds is locked to just me, so I'd love for the lurkers to do this, too.

I want updates just for your fanfiction.
I want updates for just all your writing.
I want just knitting updates.
I want just mission trip or church happening updates.
What? I LOVE everything just mashed together the way you have it.
I haven't really voted, since I've been reading the things you post here.

I was curious how you meant creating free journals. Do you mean creating a separate journal for each kind of posting, and then just posting a link to it from your main journal? (Are you thinking of doing individual journals, or communities?)

(I'm asking because I've been wondering if I should change the way I've been doing my fanfic journal, where, if I have an update, I just post it there and don't mention it in my regular journal.)
Yeah, I meant creating a seperate journal for each kind of posting, and then posting links from it to this main journal for *just* one kind of thing.

So this journal would still have everything on it, but someone could subscribe to a different journal and get *just* fanfic or all my writing or just my knitting and skip the rest of my life or something.

The results are pretty gratifying here, though, in that it looks like only one person really wanted to *just* see my fanfiction, so far. I'd actually assumed there were going to be far more than wanted a better filter. I'll leave it up for a couple more days as not everyone gets on every day...
Ahh, I see what you mean. That's a nice thought to offer to create all that for your watchers (lots of extra work for you). I'm glad to hear that it sounds like everyone is happy with the way it's set up.

If you still wanted to offer people the option of following you for one thing alone, you could tag each entry for the category it falls into, and people could sign up for notifications when you update with a specific tag. (I've never actually done that before, but it would be kinda neat.)

I'll still keep watching you for everything, though. I don't know much about knitting, but some of your posts on the topic are fascinating. ♥


I'm very glad. I didn't know that they could get updates on a particular tag! I'll look for how to do that... as there was just one person that wanted breakouts, and that might be good enough for them...

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I'm very happy I asked... as I was assuming someone would want breakouts... but... wow. Yeah!
It's easy enough to skip if there are posts people don't want to read and it will make it much easier for you if you don't have multiple accounts to manage, right?
Yeah, it would definitely make it much easier for me if I don't have to do multiple posts. *grins* So I'm very happy with the results.
♥ I'm so happy that actually most of the folks that chose one of the breakouts also chose the "I want everything" as well. I didn't do radio buttons as I wanted to give people the choice to pick more than one breakout. The funny thing was that most of the folks that chose a breakout also chose the "I want everything..."
Do you know you can just put separate filters on this site and only the people on that filter will get that particular post?

Besides people can read your stuff by tagging alone. As long as you always tag things correctly they should only have to chose that one tag and get only... say knitting or something.

That being said, I never get to everything, but I sure do like to see it all when I do have the time. :D
Well, I knew that to the first, but those people get everything else as well. In face, the latest Lost Toys story mash is only available to those that I wanted to see original in-progress stories. *grins* I think I put you on it.

But, yeah, the tag thing works, too, but I think that it's the convenience of being able to have it show up on their flist that I was worried about, rather than being flooded with my daily minutea... but that said, it seems that what I worried about wasn't actually true, i.e. that there were several people that wanted JUST stories. There's actually only one that wants just fanfiction, and I might send them to my account and my Y!Gal account as that pretty much covers all my non-smut and smut. Though I do have a Yourichi/Ukitake in the works.. *laughs*

*hugs you* You get to a *lot* lady. I'm always impressed. Thank you.