Yaoi/Fanfic Word Wars

[Edited: Done for the day, I think, but I'll try again tomorrow at about the same time.]

Even though I don't *feel* like it. *laughs* Probably the best reason to do it...

Yaoi/Fanfic word war here. Now. Until folks quit.
Gooohhh, this sounded like some nice fun!

Too bad I'm working tomorrow... I'll still try to squeeze in. (Do you make a post whenever you start a new war, or do you use the same old room address and we can just wander in?)
I'll make a post whenever I start a new war, but feel free to come and go from that room address...

... or even have your wars there with a friend or something and if more people drop by then it's a party! *grins*
So it'll always be that room address? Nice, I'm gonna bookmark it and visit when I get the chance to sit down and write.
It'll be neat to meet other slash/yaoi writers!

I'm participating in the bb_shousetsu contest, so I've gotta get some good, hardcore writing time in. *thumbs up*

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