Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

code code code

Hammering away at the script and it's kind of nice, though I feel so rusty. I'm in a very, very different head space than the days when I would dream in C++, and it's painful in some ways and good in others. Hard to reconcile losing an old skill, but good in that this isn't *too* hard to pick up again, though it's nothing like the body memory that helps with riding a bike, there's a ghost of the old brain path memory of, oh, yeah, work the logic through *this* way and the code is that much faster, cleaner and easy to write...

Jet's asleep, so he's giving me some time to really think and code, which is very good.

Still mildly depressed for no good reason, but I'm getting zits for the first time in nearly two years... so it may well be hormonal as Jet's dropped off significantly on the nursing frequency. Yeah. Two years without a period is pretty cool as a side affect of everything else.

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