Fanfic: What Must Be Done

Title: What Must Be Done
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hanatarou and Jyuushiro
Rating: PG
Warning: Consequences of battle.
A/N: This is a 200 word drabble, also from a different jumble prompt that I posted on Y!Gal for those that wanted to do it.
2) Hanatarou Yamada (Bleach), because... I had to. I need a better Hanatarou icon. Hm...
7) on a battlefield
2) at dawn
4) someone is critically ill or injured

Little Hanatarou scorched his fingers on Genryuusai-soutaichou's reiatsu as he patched the searing power to Ukitake-taichou's ripped soul. The battlefield medic's soul connectors charred and smoked, glowing, but they didn't break. The white-haired Captain writhed, bucked, and screamed as the power bit in, began pulling the rents together.

Hanatarou took a long, shaking breath; the reiatsu Genryuusai-soutaichou could spare would not be quite enough.

Hanatarou plucked the connectors off Genryuusai-soutaichou, and put them on himself.

A hand closed over his. "Don't. I'm not afraid of dying," whispered Ukitake-taichou.

Hanatarou met that green gaze with his own. "Neither am I."

Ukitake-taichou searched his face, hand firmly holding his cold, stung fingers. The Captain nodded. "Do what you must."

They both screamed this time.

Hanatarou awoke when light touched his eyelids. That steady grip still held his hand. He sighed, opened his eyes, and saw Ukitake-taichou sitting seiza by him, watching the sun rise.

A battle cry sounded in the distance.

Ukitake-taichou released his hand and bowed all the way to the ground. "Your courage has brought us both through, Yamada-kun. Domo arigato gozaimashita."

He straightened with a smile that started Hanatarou crying, and disappeared in a flash step back into the fight.
Awwwww. Such a brave little toaster *snicker*.

This was sweet and brave at the same time, not an easy combo to pull off. Good show.
*snickers cheerfully as well at the first*

Yes, I like to think of him that way. Hee.

*happy sigh* Thank you!
You nailed exactly what makes Hanatarou such a wonderful character. He's an adorkable little woobie, but... tough as nails, that one, and never in a showy way.
*smiles* Thank you so much. That means a lot... I love how you say it. Very adorkable.

Yeah... he's tough when it's important to be so... not just for show. *happy sigh*

Oh, Hanatarou. <3 *loves*

Maybe this will help heal my mind of that very NC17, very badly written Ukitake/Hanatarou fic I found the other day. >_>
Oh this is so sweet. In such a short piece you've managed to show the best parts of both men so well, yet still understated.

Hanatarou is dedicated and fearless, while Ukitake is stoic and warm, which is a very difficult combination to manage in such a small word count.

Lovely job. :D

Thank you, so much! It was interesting to cut this thing ruthlessly until that was pretty much all that was left... it's good to know that I can cut what isn't necessary and not destroy what is, anymore. That's... useful to know.

Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback on this.