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It's Good...

... to borrow other people's kids for a while, because then, when we give them back, it's just Jet and I life feels so calm...

I gave away a dozen tomato plants this morning and I am relieved. Plants are a little like puppies for me... I really feel responsible for their growth and well-being oddly enough.

Jet and I spent four hours on the floor yesterday, playing Mechaton -- Giant Fighty Robots with Lego and more dice than we could count. It amuses me that even with a double handful of eighteen dice I got two hits and when Jet had just four dice he STILL got two hits on me. Kid karma. But now I know that he is entirely capable and willing use what some people might call complex mechanics to play a game. Thank you, amberley!!! We had a blast...

Somehow or another I pulled my right knee sometime in the last few days. It just aches like crazy, especially when I stretch it the wrong way.

I feel old when it takes more than a week to recover from a sprain. It's interesting to think back and realize that I never really thought I'd get to this age. That I should have died in some car accident, with the way I drive, sometime in my 30's or something. Or maybe Mark should have come and shot me, like I halfway deserved, or something...

And yet here I am. Back on, well, if not square 1, at least square ten or twenty, instead of getting into the 100's on Chutes and Ladders, with writing and painting... hitting that wall I know that it always waiting for me around here, where I'm getting good enough to understand that I'm better than I was, but also good enough to suddenly see those other 120 squares and go... oh shit... I SO SUCK.

But I've done this before, too. I know that my ego gets huge and then someone tries to whack me down to size again, and I deflate far too much, and so I'm at the point where I'm sitting small and crunchy and curled up and people showed up at Word Wars, and... well... that was very good indeed. It didn't matter how "good" we were in comparison, not really... it just mattered that we were all doing what we needed to do to get better...

*shuffles along another square*
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