Gretchen's Gloves

Gretchen's Gloves
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Yay! They're done. I had to redo the right hand one three times due to miscalculations on my part. I guess that that's what happens when one doesn't follow a pattern and is just kind of making it up as they go. But I think it has come out much better than it would have otherwise.

I had two ladies with mildly smaller hands than mine try them on, and they seem to fit just fine. So I'll be sending them off in the mail today.

As you can see, the yarn didn't have the bright yellows that were in the picture... or that I had thought were in the picture of the yarn itself, but the gold browns are very nice, especially close up where they're flecked with other colors. The overall effect seems warmer... and should go well, I hope. And the yarn was, indeed, a joy to work with, and I got paid plenty to buy a bit more for me. Thank you, Gretchen!!

The shawl inches along, I'm on the second needle size, but the beading goes along slowly. *laughs* I knew that with the PI shawl it would, as each section takes just as long as all the previous ones put together. I have a small hat commission, and the plate will be ready to pick up on Wednesday, so that'll be done, too.

This morning is the first morning of a week where Jet's going to be at Camp Invention, so I'll have most of the day to do things with.
Thank you!

I have *edits*!! Hee. Thank you!

I might have to bother you with a small scene... *laughs* I'll explain it in email when I get it written...
*beams* Thanks!

I'll do my best. Jet also really wanted me to play a section of Avatar so that he wouldn't have to. He really didn't like the Knowledge Spirit in the buried Library. Poor kid...

*giggles* Nice when my Mom duties are kind of fun.
Those are so beautiful. I love the colors!!!!
I've knitted before, but I've only done sweaters, so all your creations boggle my mind. *stares in awe*
Thank you!

These are much faster than sweaters. *grins* These and socks and hats I get addicted to when I have a bigger project in the works.
Oooooh, fingerless gloves!! They look wonderful.

Have fun while on your own!
Oh those gloves are awesome. What gorgeous colors.

*cries* I'm still so upset they canceled camp invention in our area. Cosmo loved that camp. I hope Jet has an awesome time.

We're doing Mad Science camp this year instead. *crosses fingers*
Thank you! These cost a bit more than the thicker ones, as all the fingers do take a lot more time. *laughs* But... think about what kind you'd like... and if you like these colors I do have more of this yarn left, too.

I hope Jet enjoys himself. He wasn't so sure about a camp that would be as long as his school days; but he really liked the concept of the camp!

I hope the Mad Science camp goes well!!
Those are so gorgeous. *starry eyes*
Also, I totally remember Camp Invention! XD I used to love it!
*just falls over giggling*

Yes. Jet just loves it to pieces. He's building bridges out of marshmellows and now wants to build an antennae and solar power source for his XO laptop. *headdesks*

It should be cool.
ZOMG those look so awesome! I love how the colors came out; it looks so organic!
Mmm... I'm glad you like. Yeah, it did come out looking very organic... what a cool descriptor...
Squee they arrived! This yarn is even better than it looks in photos, and it looks so good! It has this wonderful weight where they are light yet still toasty warm. And so pretty and beautifully made! Eee thank you!

Brad looked at them and said, "Oh those are your colors!" :)
YAY! Hee... I love that Brad could tell.

I'm very glad that they're light and toast warm and comfy. I'm glad that they fit, and that it looks even better than in the photos in real life. That's how they should be. *grins*

Thank you, too! I'm very glad that I offered to make them for you! Whew. And now I have some of that lovely yarn for my very own as well. *happies*