So, this is the Gay Agenda, huh?

Looks good to me! O:D

(Pity he's not working on marriages, but civil unions and Federal rights is a start...)
Yeah... it's a start and I agree; but at least getting the basic rights in place first...

I can see where he's made some compromises to start; but at least this might have some hope of GOING somewhere...
Oh, that makes a *LOT* of sense.

There's a lot of the very liberal left that's NOT at all happy with how far the administrations gone, yet; but... I'm actually kind of happy to see that. *laughs* I hate extreme action on the part of a president if he has Congress behind him.

And I can see where the compromises were made in even the proclamation; but I also kind of understand why they were made, as this might help ease the places where there's the most controversy.
With all the upheavals in the world today--domestic and international--I'm really really REALLY glad we have a smart, thoughtful, insightful, pragmatic, and savvy person in the White House.

The beginning of the 21st Century doesn't look quite so bleak.
Amen. I saw his first big question and answer period after the first 100 days, and the *difference* in listening to him compared to George W. was just... *amazing*

He thought through all his answers, he didn't slide one way or another because of how the question was asked. He went to the heart of what was *behind* the situation for the question and spoke on that instead; and that was just... so amazing.

But, yeah... a thoughtful response instead of a kneejerk one in either direction is what make me very much more reassured that he understands what he's doing and if he doesn't know, he'll *ask*.
I am so freaking cynical because right after reading this and gushing over it with my mom, my very next comment was, "It just sucks that as soon as another Republican is elected it will all go to shit again."

Why is that I wonder? Why can't they see the real world and the bigger picture like most Democrats can? I always have such a huge problem with that because we all live in the same world. Why are some people so hell bent on making it that much harder to do, rather than easier?

Still it really was wonderful to see him manage to even get this much done in his first few months in office.
Oooooookay, now that I've totally dumped on you, I will slink off...

I have got to stop posting on other people's journal when I'm having a crappy day. Geez. Sorry for being such a downer for such a positive declaration.
*laughs* *hugs you* Sorry you had a bad day... but I think you were perfectly reasonable in your initial reaction! Hey, it's your reaction.

I wish they did see the bigger picture things, and maybe some of them do, or else things wouldn't be getting done now? I dunno. We'll have to see...

And, yeah, it is cool to see how much he's gotten done already, when there's so MUCH he's pushing against.
It is amazing how political changes seem to seesaw things back and forth, isn't it?