Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Getting Out of Town

The morning was filled with doing coffee stuff for church and getting there early enough to make it for the early class. Then we got home, had lunch, packed like mad, and as we were doing that a thunderstorm hit. We ran stuff out to the van and when we were most of the way there, the Longmont City outdoor sirens went off. The news and radio that were supposed to be "local" weren't showing what was going on, so I finally called the fire department's information line and they said that a tornado had touched down in Erie, about ten miles to the East, and was headed south.

So we went West, and saw the huge brewing sky to the East and South. Just a little rain and hail for us. Four hours and lots of mountain roads later we ended up in Glenwood Springs, the destination of the train adventure a few months ago. We had dinner at the same brew pub, but stayed in a far cheaper hotel on the edge of town since we had a car, and ended up walking to a little putt putt golf place after dinner for our evening's entertainment. It was great fun and there was a stream running through the golf course that was really beautiful.

On the way home from the golf course, we stopped by a locally owned drive-in burger joint that had swirly cones with flavor ridges, and all three of us got our own cones. The ice cream was so cold we got ice cream headaches and Jet started dancing about on the sidewalk to warm up. *laughs*

We walked by a foursome of friends out on the porch of their room at the hotel and they said good evening in Southern drawls and then marveled at the thought of ice cream on such a cold night. THEN they noticed that the boys both had shorts on. *laughs and laughs*

So we're sleeping to the sound of the freeway outside the door and will do the other four or five hours tomorrow. So a very comfortable first day.
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