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Yay! The Plate got there!

Managed to get this into the mail before I left, and it arrived to a pleased recipient, so now I can show off picture!


So this is something annieroo2 commissioned, and the result of all the studies I'd done earlier. I love the leaves. *laughs* And the birds turned out pretty good, and the boys liked the red one better, and I liked the brown one better. Typical. I think it worked...

I'm finding that the plates and ceramics take a different kind of touch and thought about how the glazing colors really work with the brush. Mixing on the brush doesn't do exactly the same thing as on the paper, I have more control over where everything goes, but less of the spontaneity I get with paper, water, and paint. Which is mildly less frustrating in the sense that it goes where I want it, but mildly MORE frustrating in that I don't actually get to see the real colors until after it's all fired and I can't, for the life of me, change anything. *laughs*

I guess I have this thing for out-of-control art mediums...
Tags: crackpots, painting
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