Yay! The Plate got there!

Managed to get this into the mail before I left, and it arrived to a pleased recipient, so now I can show off picture!


So this is something annieroo2 commissioned, and the result of all the studies I'd done earlier. I love the leaves. *laughs* And the birds turned out pretty good, and the boys liked the red one better, and I liked the brown one better. Typical. I think it worked...

I'm finding that the plates and ceramics take a different kind of touch and thought about how the glazing colors really work with the brush. Mixing on the brush doesn't do exactly the same thing as on the paper, I have more control over where everything goes, but less of the spontaneity I get with paper, water, and paint. Which is mildly less frustrating in the sense that it goes where I want it, but mildly MORE frustrating in that I don't actually get to see the real colors until after it's all fired and I can't, for the life of me, change anything. *laughs*

I guess I have this thing for out-of-control art mediums...
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Ooh that's gorgeous! I love the chasing birds, and the colors are beautiful even if you couldn't quite see them.
Yeah, the colors are very pale... which is one of those 'can't see it until it's fired' kinds of things. But I'm glad you liked!
Oh wow, so pretty. No wonder she was pleased!

And I think I like both birds just as much. They're both so cute! ^^
That's so beautiful! How many talents can one girl have?!:)
*laughs* As many as one pursues? XD It's just one of those things I keep trying, which is fun...
It's lovely. I like the red bird best *laughs*. I also like the subtle gradient of colours in the flowers.

You know, seeing you do stuff like this makes me want to see how you'd do with BJD face-ups. You have a light, delicate touch and I could see you doing some nice natural face-ups or ones that look very ethereal. But I'm a little dolly obsessed and EVERYTHING eventually makes its way to being doll related *blushes*.
Beautiful!! but yes glazing ceramics are kinda a double edged sword especially not being able to SEE it really until it has been fired. I miss doing ceramics....
That's very pretty!

I'm in love with those flowers.
*grins* Took pictures of impatiens and made up how to paint 'em, so I'm kind of proud of that. *laughs* Most of the other classical flowers there are stroke by stroke instruction guides... so it was kind of fun to figure out how to do these and still look like the flower. *dances*

Thank you!
My mom was here the day it arrived and the kids were all pissy they couldn't open it. It went on for like 15 minutes before I finally had to tell then it was a birthday gift for Grandma and they could see it later.

You should have seem my mom's eyes perk up, cause she already knew from earlier that it was fragile. I'm sure she doesn't know what it is because no one has bought her a plate in probably 20 years, but she redid her living room a few years back and never got any new plates to match the new decor and this one is going to be PERFECT!!!

Thank you so much for all the work you put into this. I'll be sure to come back the end of July and let you know what she thought of it when she opened it.

Thanks for everything!!! *hugs*

Maybe next year I'll get her a painting to match. ;)
*hugs you happily*

YAY! I love having the story of how it arrived!! Thank you so much! And, yes, I'd love to know.

You're very welcome, and it'll be fun to see if I get the courage up to advertise doing these as commissions. *grins* Our church has a small art gallery and it might be fun to just do a few bowls and plates and see who wants to buy them for themselves rather than just for Empty Bowls. And I need to get cracking on figuring out how to mount my paintings so that people can matte and frame them.

Thank you, so much, for the incentive to do this! I appreciate it greatly.
Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you don't mind me friending you but what with ceramics and Vorkosigans you have a fascinating journal. Also I betaed part of one of your collabs and like your style. /fangirl
Oh! Thank you! I'm very glad that you find the wild mix fascinating. *laughs*

Thanks for betaing!! And I'm very glad that you enjoy my style! I'm gradually realizing that I can... uhm... write. *laughs*

Thanks for friending! It takes me a while to friend folks, as I already have so many folks on my flist that I can't really keep up, so please don't feel slighted if I don't do it for a while until we exchange a few comments and stuff... I'm just slow.