Bleach 361

All I can say is


Ahem. You may go back to your regular programming.
If next week switches without warning back to the Yammi fight, I will be Very Upset.
Seconded. Helpful hint - do NOT read Bleach while at work. Regardless of how bored you are. It makes for a very stressful day =(

And I wanna see Kyoraku and Ukitake's ban kai! *cries*
Precisely. This is going to be... bemusing... twin pistols against twin swords? Two on two, it makes more sense... but GAAAAHH!
Hot tamales I love Kubo's wardrobes. Stark looks like a reject from the 70's except he's disturbingly hot. *laughs*

I'm kind of bummed he and lillinette combined though, I was hoping for some action with Ukitake as well. Still just to see Shunsui's bankai will probably make me insanely happy.

I did get a huge giggle over the pink haori though. Obviously the most important thing for Ukitake to look after for him. *giggles*
Stark *is* disturbingly hot. *laughs*

Well, I think that by combining them, it gives Ukitake the excuse to get into the battle as well, since Shunsui *is* now going up against a doubled opponent so to speak. I have to admit I liked Ukitake trying to give the little girl lessons on how to attack him. That was funny.

I'd love to see their bankai, we'll see...

And, yes, obviously the important thing was for Ukitake to look after The Pink for Shunsui. *laughs and laughs* I also liked how excited Shunsui got at the idea of coming across someone he could really let loose on. It's an interesting contrast to how much more serious Stark seems to be getting.
Bringing a sword to a gunfight....

I wanna see some bankai *sulks*. I hope like hell we do get to see their bankai. KT has been hinting at it long enough. Bankai tease *grumbles*
He is quite the tease. *grins*

Yeah... I hope I don't regret the truth behind cliche.

I hope like hell we get to see their bankai, too.
Augggh, we better not switch off now. I need to see Desperado!Stark in action.


Which is why the scream of frustration at being teased like that. *laughs*
Came across this entry while looking for fic...

I, too, freaked out at this chapter. Cannot WAIT for more good stuff this week. Honestly, though, if Shunsui or Jyuushirou need their bankai to take Stark out, I'm going to be disappointed. Since Hitsugaya and Soi Fong got rid of #2 and #3 so easily with theirs, honestly all the big boys should need is shikai. Plus we don't even know what their shikai do yet! :P

So excited.
*giggles* I'm working on Winter War and a quick Interlude for the boys. *sighs* But it's going to be a while as my little boy's off from school for the summer, so I have a lot less concentrated writing time than I want.

I want Stark to be a real fight, for some odd reason. I don't want him to fold so easily, and I'm still not entirely sure 2 and 3 really *are* out. KT hasn't made the Arrancar *easy* up to this point, really... but... I know I'd rather it was that easy. *laughs* I hate suspense. (I know, I know, what the hell am I writing Winter's War for if I hate them losing??)