Thanks for sharing the link :)

Shunsui's taken off his coat. I guess it means he's going to fight seriously (he didn't even think about it before fighting with Chad).

I don't like the way Tite shows Ukitake in this battle: he's playing and wasting his time instead of, for example, helping Soi Fong (who apparentely needs this help; and who's his fellow captain...).
Well, Soi Fong seems to have taken care of her opponent...

... and I think, on the most part, the Captains don't interfere in each others fights. Other than with Shunsui and Ukitake... *grins* They're supposed to be a pair, so it seems like they're likely to fight as a pair. We'll have to see.

And Ukitake does hold back more from fights than even Shunsui does until he's committed, I think. Both of them asked Yamamoto if they really had to fight. It's going to be interesting, either way.
Just did. Wow. *grins*

Seems like Juushiro was playing, bare-handed, with Linnett's Ceros for a *REASON*...