That is So Cool

It's very, very oddly cool to know that there is actually a man who makes his living photographing people in paintball competitions... Just... I love a world where that's possible. *laughs*
That sounds way more fun than taking pics/videos of people at weddings. XD

I knew a couple who made money videotaping regular folks in certain acts... The world has so many ways to make money! You've got to love it! :D
It does!


Wow. Now *that* is an amazing way to make a living too!

thanks for telling me! that's cool!
I think it's funny how people want their own pr0n, featuring themselves. XDD

When the couple told me about it, I wanted to ask "So, where do you guys get clients?", but I kept my mouth shut. lol

There's someone here who goes around to canine agility trials, photographing all of the participants. He appears to do quite well selling folks shots of their dogs in action.

Hey - he doesn't need a face shield for it. And he gets to spend the time outdoors.

Yeah.... Craigslist is cool, too...

Yeah! I probably doesn't need half the protective gear the paintballguy has to have for his equipment. He seems to talk about shattered filters as a necessary shield for his lens... *laughs*

Woo! I like that that guy does well at the agility trials, too. that's NEAT..