Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


We'd given up on my HP machine because the HP support people were so horrible this time through. I thought it was because they figured out that it had already cost them more than any profit margin we might have given them in the first place. So we were planning on parting out the machine (a simple $20 enclosure would have made the 350 Gig hard drive something my laptop could use, and the memory sims and DVD player were still good); but then, this morning, the HP automated support system sent John an email saying that they were shipping the box for the warrantee work!

*boggles mildly* Anyway... since FedEx confirmed the shipment of the box, we have been scrambling to put the machine back together again to send it off. *laughs* I needed to backup what I had on the hard disk anyway... but we'll see if they do more than just replace the motherboard this time through. And, if not, then we'll plan on its demise again.

So, perhaps, HP support will redeem itself again.

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