Happy Fathers' Day

Hope all the fathers on this list had a great day, too.

Ours was sunny and lovely with a mid-afternoon thunderstorm to break the heat. We did church things, swam after a great lunch, played all afternoon, and then went to the Pumphouse for dinner. It was busy and good...
Ours was rainy, but we spent a lovely morning at a really great buffet where even my little one could eat. They both behaved and ate *laughs* which is quite a feat for them these days.
That's a very good gift indeed. *laughs*

Jet made John a Rock with a star on it that read "Daddy" in the middle and I made a matching card to go with it. Humble gifts, but John seems to like the made things more than bought these days.

But, yes, having all three eat and behave is pretty cool.... *grins* Yay buffet!