Christmas Me

Christmas in June

Thank you, very much. I've been getting a lot of gifts in the mail, and I'm really enjoying them.

Many thanks to incandescens for sending me all the things I'd been longing for, including Typhoo tea and dark chocolate Hob Nobs, along with a some amazing things that are new to me, including one of her tea shop's teas (which has been lovely, strong, mellow and smooth) and *Jaffa Cakes*!! Which I've never had before in my life! I'd been intrigued on seeing cmc42's layout.. *laughs* and really loved trying them. They're cake! In the size of a biscuit/cookie. Jet and I like them very much.

Thank you, to sophiap as well for kicking back into gear an old addiction I once had for silk caps. *laughs* She sent me the square Mawata silk, some dyed, some not. The basic idea is that when silk is wound from cocoons, some of the cocoons are too damaged or not good for winding, so they just boil them to get rid of the glue and spread them over molds. Caps are usually over some round object and are roughly circular, the Mawata she bought me was in a square form, and I really liked it.

Of course, with the way I work, I cut my fingers thoroughly when pulling them and spinning them, but that's... half the fun. *laughs* The fibers are really strong and fine and the 'yarn' becomes lovely and textured. I went with a thicker Navajo ply so that I could knit it into something more solid than the lace I usually do with these. Though, thinking about it, a lace scarf might be cool.... this stuff is so easy to spin very fine with the huge staple length that a couple of ounces can go for miles. But my resulting yarn makes me just want to old and pet it. *laughs*

And many thanks to xshelaghx for sending me a lovely pair of hand knit silk and Superwash lace panel socks along with goats milk soaps and a lovely body butter that I'm really in love with. I'm amazed and admiring in knowing that she made the soap and body butter herself! They're just *gorgeous*. Thank you so much for the amazing gifts! I appreciate all the work and thought that went into them.

It's amazing to get so much. Thank you all very much.
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I had to! Incandescens said that they were on sale at her local market, so I asked her to buy me a few boxes. *laughs* I'm glad I rectified that situation as well.
Goodness gracious! Jaffa Cakes ftw. I miss them like crazy when I'm in Bermuda.

...but then you transatlantic folk get cinnamon and wintergreen tic-tacs *drool*
My pleasure, honestly! Let me know when you want more. :)

Incidentally, I found a "we tried to deliver a package but you were out" card from Royal Mail in my mailbox today when I got home from work. Ten to one that's the package from you. They'll be redelivering on Saturday morning, and I very much look forward to it.
Hoorah! I'm very glad that it's arrived. A bit later than I thought, but earlier than it might have with regular air mail, so I am pleased. I hope that the redelivery works out well!
(looks guilty) I could have gone round to the post office before work tomorrow to pick it up, but instead I was lazy. ;) Had it turned up earlier in the week, I promise I would have gone to pick it up!

And a week is good time for cross-Pond posting. It's more usually a week and a half at least.
It's good that you *can* be lazy! We have to schedule redeliveries with our post office. So I usually just go in to avoid the hassle. Lazy in a different direction.
Hey where can I get some friends like that. *laughs*

Seriously though what a wonder week you must be having. And of course some of it involves food and knitting. *giggles*

Definitely enjoy yourself you totally deserve it. :D
*hugs you and grins*

It's been... an odd couple of weeks. But yeah... the gifts have definitely been enjoyable!! Some of it was the gifting meme I started at the beginning of the year, come home to roost. *grins* Some was just... sophiap's gift was entirely unexpected but very very good.
Ooh, I've always wanted to try Jaffa Cakes. I am going to check the import shop this weekend, and then try not to eat an entire package by myself. :p

Your silk sounds luscious!! My mother is intent on giving me her spinning wheel. I'm doomed... but for some reason I'm not too fussed. ^_^ I'm enjoying taking another spin (hah) around my on-off love affair with yarn. If that happens, expect a lot of posts consisting of me flailing and moaning about my fingers. *grin*

Shelagh's stuff is amazing. *_* There's something extremely satisfying about making your own toiletries. I've just about used up my homemade soap stash, so it's time to dig out my gear and build my stock up again. I don't think I could ever go back to using commercially made stuff again, I've been spoiled.

I'm so pleased to hear you're having a good month! ♥
It's *hard* not to eat an entire package by myself, honestly. *laughs*

You're dooomed!! I'll have to send you a hand-dyed roving sometime. Yay for posts about doing things!!

It is amazing. It's cool that you can spoil yourself that way!! Wow... neat that you can make your own! ♥

It's been an odd month, but some parts have been very good indeed. I've just been feeling very obligated with my writing lately. Just lots of promised things that I'm finally getting to. Whew.