Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Quieter day

The weekend was Full Of Stuff. Food, stocking up the house again, church, coding, writing, journaling, planting, digging, running around the yard. I managed to get a window box of herb seedlings in, with Jet 'helping' by plunging up to his elbows in the water/planting mix. I was mixing them together to get the soil wet, he really loved the mud and started to just sling it in all directions before I got him with the watering can and put my window box up where he couldn't reach it. Yeesh. *grin*

It's 82 today. Two weeks ago they were threatening snow, this coming Friday it's supposed to snow. Saturday was the first Really Warm Day that I remember in a while and I know I was going nuts with it. It didn't help to have the landscaping contractor here that morning to survey our yard and what he thought we could do with it.

We have about two acres of prairie, mostly planted in buffalo grass for two horses that used to live with the previous owner. They'd wander about both portions of the yard eating the lawn and fertilizing it, so it didn't need to be mowed, weeded, or fertilized much and they were a retired couple that took care of the yard and watered everything religiously. We're from Seattle, it was quite the culture shock to have to *water* trees!

So the whole yard is pretty much a wreck.

The back acre we just mow twice a year to keep the tumbleweeds from growing to be more than five feet high. The front acre we're now considering doing something about. Lots of wonderful ideas. We'll see how it turns out.

Jet got to play outside for most of the weekend. Today he's a bundle of splinters, cuts, and bruises plus his hands got burnt by the threshold to our back porch. The sun was shining all Saturday morning on the back porch, as usual, the the threshold is nearly black. Jet had been, all morning, going over that threshold to get out onto the porch, so he just put both hands on it that afternoon and got small patches of second degree burns on his hands. Ouch. We did yell, "Hot!" but had been too far to catch him, and it's pretty fiercely hot even getting close to it. Jet learned the hard way. His hands are healing nicely, and we soaked them in cold water just when he did it, so I think he'll be okay.

He avoided the threshold the first time after, but after we said it was okay, he tested it and went over it. But he now stops dead in his tracks when we go 'HOT'! We did find some white contact paper and put it over the metal and that seems to be working pretty well, now, so he can't do it again, hopefully. Next time it'll just be another thing we never thought about.

Jet's perfectly content today, with all his small badges of honor. He slept through the night last night, for the first time in a while, and he's just been happy and cheerful all morning. He's even napping really well, right now, and that's been really nice, too.

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