Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Giant Word Problems

You know the reason they taught us word problems in school. It's so it's even *possible* to do ones taxes.

Gods... we had a rebate from our Colorado taxes that might have affected how much withholding we could take last year, which actually might, possibly, have affected our taxes, and there's actually an entire extra information booklet about this precise problem. And the whole calculation is presented in *words*, not some formula to plug stuff into, but just words. Bah. Took John and I three go's at it before we finally decided on a formula that looked good to us... and since it wasn't in our favor, it was probably right. Feh.

Yay for the taxes to be out the door! Yay for getting the first estimated tax check to the post office! Yay for all this to be done! Yay!
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