An Old Picture of Me

Something John found recently.

This was taken probably ten years ago. 1998. As the backset is the forest growth at the back of our old Redmond house, that we moved out of in 1999. But that is the banker's suit I still fit in now. *laughs* Though I have no idea where those sunglasses went. Hm...

Me in my Banker's Suit

And, yes, I want my blue hair back. I just wish my hair was long enough to do it like THAT again...
Wow, that is such an awesome picture. Cyberpunk Agent Liralen! Have you considered having a print of it framed to keep around?
Heh. I now have a purple silk tie, a silk shirt, and patent leather saddle back shoes with gray on black... a triple silver chain for a pocket watch if I want to use it... I should take another picture in the thing, really. But I never think of it when I'm off to something I have to wear a suit to. *laughs*

Then again, I also have a silver Zoot suit that out-pimps this one utterly, with the black hat with a silver feather. *laughs and laughs*
That's awesome, Liralen. Very cool. (and, yes, gorgeous, in an Evil(?) Cyberpunk Corporate way) :-)
MMmm... yes, my pastor said, "That's very Matrix of you..."

"Yes. Indeed." says I.

*grins* Thank you!
I remember that hair! The stunning picture of you with it sticking out in all directions at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta once inspired me to do mine in purple.

Hmm... It was only with temporary dye that time. If I did it "right" now I wouldn't even have to bleach it first to get the color... :)
I know! That was what I was thinking for myself, if I could get my hair to go white sooner, I wouldn't need as much bleach... *laughs*

MMmmm... purple...

Yeah... it was fun at the Balloon Fiesta...
*grin* I love the length of that jacket! Muito legal! (really cool...)
Yes! I love the length of the jacket as well. It really does look better than a short one would on me.

Thank you!!