Bleach Fanfic: Winter War: Yoruichi: Hunting

Title: Yoruichi: Hunting
Series: Winter War
Character: Yoruichi, Urahara
Rating: PG for violence
Word Count: 587
Summery: Yoruichi takes Urahara on a small hunt about Karakura.
Author's Note: This is a small piece of a bleak AU incandescens, sophiap, and I are writing, where the Gotei 13 lost the winter war.

Yoruichi hunted through the cold winter streets of Karakura. The presence of Kisuke by her side made the familiar prowl through the neighborhoods and streets strange; but she needed to drag him out of his shop to see.

She glanced at him. He was in an outfit much like her form-fitting black, with a dark cloth wrapped about his face, covering his bright hair. His powerful build was obvious without his flowing shopkeeper's robes.

He watched the streets below.

Ghosts crowded the city. The scent of a Hollow wafted by, and she saw his hand move to his cane sword. She could also almost hear the systems in his head turning, changing, and growing as he took in this new information.

Centuries had passed since they'd done the work of common shinigami. It didn't help that she felt that sending a live soul, now, to Soul Society, might be a worse fate than leaving them here to go Hollow.

"Weeks, maybe months 'til they go Hollow... right?" she asked.

Kisuke followed her thought and nodded. "With no Don Kanoniji sticking sticks in them, yes. So, we just take out Hollows?"

"Right. We... owe that to the ghosts."

He laughed and she saw his breath puff white in the cold air. "Then you don't have to get your zanpakutou, either."

She chuckled and nodded.

They moved out, two city blocks between them, a block jump at a time. First they went in the direction of the scent they'd caught earlier. She took that one out with a single blow, and watched it dissolve up into the sky. Before it was even gone, ghosts had come out of hiding from all directions, and a few even cheered.

For a moment, she thought to ask them all to not mention she'd been here, but they wouldn't recognize her. Besides, it wasn't as if Aizen didn't know they were here. They'd already stopped two efforts to take the real city. While they had never agreed with how Soul Society had done things, they disagreed with Aizen killing their city even more.

She flashed on ahead and felt another Hollow disappear on Kisuke's side. There was nothing of Benihime's distinctive reiatsu signature, so either he wasn't using her, or he'd learned how to hide the strength he was using. It wasn't like these were taking much effort, but there were so many of them. Nearly every block had some sort of Hollow, and as it became obvious what they were doing, the Hollows began to hide.

At an intersection, she stopped, gave a hand sign of "Slowing to Search" and he acknowledged it. She drew in a deep breath and saw a white flake gently drift down from the sky: more followed. Not enough, yet, to impede their work.

She started looking down dark alleys smelling of rot and piss. One Hollow roared out of a dumpster, slavering and stupid. She simply stepped aside from the charge and slammed a fist just behind its head, stunning it before flipping it... no, him... around so that she could break the mask.

And so they went, until...

... the power, the scent of them was so strong, that she reacted by flinging herself a block back, away from the source, and felt Kisuke do the same.

They met in an alleyway on the far side of that block, instinctively going for the shadows.

They simply looked at each other, nodded, and flashed back to the Urahara Shōten. For this, even they would need backup.

I love the idea that they now see it as kinder to leave the ghosts to wander than to send them to Soul Society. That says a lot.

Thought that they might not be as tradition bound as the regular shinigami... so it seemed to fit. *grins* I'm very glad that you found that it did.
It didn't help that she felt that sending a live soul, now, to Soul Society, might be a worse fate than leaving them here to go Hollow.

aksjdlf; *wibbles*

Heart breaking, again. T_T But those two are always awesome. <3

I wonder if we'll know any of the arrancar/Espada that are near Sado's place. I'm thinking yes, now that it's obvious there's going to be a significant confrontation... Can't wait to see! ;)

His powerful build was obvious without his flowing shopkeeper's robes.
*grins* I do think of Urahara as yummy. *grins*

I do think of these two as awesome. *happies*

*grins at the rest*
He is, isn't he? I live for the day we get to see him fight. <3

And *prods* oh, you mysterious authors you! :p
Squack! Glad to see these two still fighting..and disturbed by the idea of a hollow they'd need backup for. Also, yeah, what *does* happen to souls reborn to soul society now? It didn't always look like a good life even before the war. Now, um, yeah. No place for kids.
Yeah, they're high-powered enough...

No, not a good place for anyone, from Yoruichi's point of view, but I sometimes wonder if she's a little biased to begin with anyway... :-)

Still... definitely not a good place for kids...
Ah, no! This one was so short! Looking eagerly forward to the next update.
It's Yoruichi! And Urahara! And a cameo mention of Don Kanonji!

And the plot is moving! *gasps* :D

I am in love with this fic, if it wasn't already obvious. XD
*shoves the plot along like a big, rolling rock*

It's going somewhere, soon...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying all this! Urahara and Yoruichi are fun to write... and, yes, with the cameo. *laughs*
MOAAAAAAAAR PLEASEEEE!! This is one of the most exciting parts, I want to read about this battle. Besides I was missing Yoru and Urahara so much. This is promising, I want to know about the next steps in ukitake's move and about Aizen, I want to know about that man.

(I keep my hopes that Uryuu is alive but at the same time I fear for him cause Mayuri is in Las Noches)

Will we see next chapter soon? *_* (puppy eyes)
*grins* They're a fun couple for me to write. It's nice to not have it ALL be doom and gloom. They're kind of holding their own.

Genevieve and Anne are working on specific things. I've gotten kind of unfocused lately, but I'll do my best!
I'm glad that you feel so, too. *grins* I've always loved writing these two.
These two are so badass in completely different ways. And some ways that are completely similar. :)
I read this chapter with bated breath because I had wondered just what Aizen and Co. had done to Kisuke.... I'm glad it wasn't so bad that he couldn't get out and purify some hollows...

This story is slowly becoming addicting...
*grins* Yes. glad you're getting addicted! More incentive for us to write the next chapter, too...