Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Getting There

In which we travel uneventfully, arrive uneventfully, and expect nothing from ourselves but finding our car, our hotel, and some dinner.

Our neighbor, Dean, was really nice and instead of just dropping us off at the bus stop, actually took us the hour and change into DIA and drove our car back home for us. Since we went with our original plan of still getting up at 6:00 and getting out of the house at 7, we got to the airport well in advance of the flight. We bought bagels from Einstein's Bagel to take on the flight with us, and got to the gate in plenty of time for me to also buy an iced latte for waiting with.

The Southwest lines went really fast, and John had managed to get us B group seatings, which was nice enough for the three of us to get all of one row together. The flight was faster than scheduled, but I managed to finish a fingerless glove even though. The flight was smooth and easy, the flight attendants attentive and knowledgeable, and they had Oreos, cheese Ritz, Barnum animal crackers, as well as the usual pretzels and peanuts, which was a great surprise. Jet really did well on the flight. He sang to his iPod's rendition of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. He was astonishingly careful about all the pieces of his music player and enjoyed using it so much. I think the fact that he earned it for himself really makes a difference in how he treats his things, everything from his iPod Shuffle to all his Legos.

It's fun to see him develop in so many ways.

Tom Jones Restaurant
The Philly airport was quite nice, and had good signs to baggage claim and then to the rental cars as well. We had no trouble getting the car, the rental guy got us going the direction we needed to go, and within half an hour, we were in the hotel pool. The water was far too warm, but we enjoyed the swim nonetheless. The two boys found the real life savers there and played with them. From there John did a little research and we headed over to Brookhaven. I'm still amazed at how close towns are to each other here. *laughs*

And we ate at Tom Jones Restaurant, which looked like a little family place with a lot of seafood on the menu. Given that up in the mountains I don't often eat seafood, it seemed a great opportunity. They advertised a "creamy crab cake" that John got three of and really enjoyed. I had one with jumbo shrimp and a fillet of flounder and I paid a little extra for their potato casserole that was a really nice mashed potato with bacon and cheese on it. Hee. Jet went with just a grilled cheese.

Rita's Custard
While we were eating, Jet said, "Oh, can we go there for ice cream after dinner?" He pointed across the street at a frozen custard place that looked really interesting, and even though we were stuffed after dinner we went over and found the Tuesday special was any kind of topping one wants for free. Jet had rainbow sprinkles on chocolate custard. John and I had vanilla custard with hot fudge. It was thicker, creamier than our Good Times frozen custard, but also had more air beaten into it, so it wasn't as solid if that makes any sense... but the tongue coating capability was thicker even when the actual density was lighter in that it was easier to spoon and didn't freeze my head and tongue the way Good Times custard does. I suspect a high density of agar or gelatin more than egg and cream, but it was really good and stuck to the cup like nothing else I've ever had before.

We all really enjoyed our desserts.

Drive-thru Market
And as we ate, John realized that, yes, indeed, there was a drive-thru grocery store next door. Swiss Farm Stores seems to be a drive-thru market doing a brisk business as we sat and ate our ice cream. That was really interesting to see.

From there we headed back to our hotel and settled into the room for me to catch up here and Jet decided to make a friendship bracelet from the threads that he had from a travel play kit. The little room is very comfortable and the beds are good and firm. It still amuses me that after sitting all day in the plane we're still so tired.

It was nice to have a very unstructured day for a travel day. Tomorrow we have someone to meet up with in downtown Philadelphia, cheesesteaks to eat, and Liberty Park to visit and wander about. It should be fun.
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