Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Just Driving Through

I now know why New Jersey is called the Garden State. It's gorgeous and lush and beautiful. We basically got up, had cereal for breakfast in our room and drove as direct a route as we could out by Bromely Mountain in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

I took the first two or three hours of driving, which was mostly freeway, I-95 and then threading our way east a bit and further and further north around New York City and other environs...

Let's see if I can recreate the order of things...

I-95N to 202 to 206 to 287 around New York turned into 87 (a toll road) to Albany. That went to 787 to 7 that turned into 9 in Vermont, and then we went north on 9 to route 30 that then branched to Old Town Road, which turned into Windhall Hollow Road which is the home of the Alpenrose Inn, which is the Inn owned by John's cousin Anne and her husband David. Their kids are now a lot older than on the site picture. *laughs* About 250 miles all told, and we did it in good time.

We drove through very lush New Jersey, where there were parts of the road that were just in a tunnel of trees. Headed out around NYC, and into the greener suburbs. Upstate New York was beautiful as well, and we followed some signs that were supposed to be pointing at fast food, but found a grocery store that sold sandwiches and chips and sushi. Jet wanted sushi, so he got it.

We ended up at the Alpenrose at 5, were able to pick our room, unpack, and get all settled in and even playing in the game room in the basement. We caught up some, and Jet got a snack, as Walt and Cathie weren't arriving until 7 or 8. When they got here, we all sat down to a very nice dinner, and Jet ate a ton of noodles before doing ice cream and then playing with anyone that would before he went to bed.

Several other people were supposed to arrive today, but various delays made it so that nearly everyone else is arriving later than they'd planned. Our weather held out quite well for us, mostly dry, though cloudy enough to cut the heat of the sun and make driving pretty comfortable all in all.

So we're happily settled. Jet's asleep, and the reunion will likely start in earnest tomorrow.
Tags: 2009_roadtrip, travel

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