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The End of the Reunion and Heading North

We spent yesterday morning a the Inn, the afternoon up at Bromley Adventure Park with the kids, and then spent the evening talking, watching each others pictures, and firing a potato cannon and Roman candles into the wet grass.

Today we packed up and headed North and East, past King Arthur Flour, to rest within six miles of Mt. Washington and the Cog Railway. My cold is worse, but we're doing stuff anyway. *laughs*

I felt much better on Sunday and got up at a decent hour, in time for breakfast with everyone, and managed to just sit and talk with folks for a while that I hadn't seen for quite some time. Mary and David and I had a long conversation out in the sunshine on the porch and it was good to get to know her better. By lunch time I was feeling okay, so when Paul, Marina, Jan, John, and Jet wanted to go to the "water park" on Bromley mountain, I decided to give it a try.

Water Slide
In reality, the ski lift area actually had all kinds of rides, and only one water slide that had a sled underneath the kids, not an actual water slide waterpark. It was just an "Adventure Park" with rides that were fitted to the ski lift area's abilities.

One of the cooler rides was an alpine sled ride, that had three concrete tracks and everyone rode up the ski lift to get onto the slides. The sleds had only one control, a brake that had to be pushed forward, hard, to lift the person's weight off the skids in order for the wheels to run full out. So it would naturally brake if the person lost control. It was hard for Jet to push hard enough on the brake to go very fast. But the ride itself was really beautiful, as you could see everything from the top of the mountain.

There were jumping "rides", a zip line ride where they asked the kid riding to drop a stuffed animal into a box, a huge swing, climbing walls, and a putt-putt golf course. They all cost a few tickets, or the kid could wear an arm band that cost $40 and ride all day on anything they wanted. We were only there for a few hours, so bought tickets and just went on what we really wanted to do.

That was much of the afternoon. And it was fun to sit and knit a little with Jan while the kids were doing the water slide.

The evening was another amazing dinner at the Inn and everyone gathered for one last round of conversation and talk and trading of pictures before we all went outside to watch Tim fire off a potato canon he'd build with hair spray as the explosive propellant, and fire off some Roman candles that David and his son Kirdan had kept from the Fourth of July. That was very exciting for Jet, and he was up past midnight, easily.

I told John that I probably needed the sleep. So this morning, he found that it really was probably better for me not to go meet Great Uncle Walter with my cold, his immune system was just fine, but it didn't mean that we had to risk it. So Jet and I slept in until nearly 10. Most folks had already left to go back home by then, and it was just Paul, Marina, Jan, George and Isabel and ourselves for lunch. We were able to sit and talk for a bit with Anne and then we all made our ways out. Packing was something of a process of mourning having to go, but it was so that we could make it out to Mt. Washington today and be ready to take the cog train tomorrow and not rush the trip and the train all in one.

Jet Keeping Busy
The trip north was uneventful, we wound our way through Vermont just to the west of New Hampshire, going pretty far North. Jet kept himself busy for the whole trip, though we did stop near the Inn to buy him a three-drawer chest that was touted as being "origami" though it turned out to be cardboard that was covered in special origami paper. He read, he drew, he sang, and he talked about stuff he'd seen.

I mostly sniffled and tried to breath, and when John said that we were going to be by Norwich, I asked to stop at the King Arthur Flour Store. I know, I know... I'm a foodie... and I get the catalogs all the time, but I don't usually buy much as the shipping is so prohibitive. Three pound of flour costs less than the shipping it takes to GET to me, and they are way too generous sometimes with the weight on some of their things, like the tiny bottle of pure spearmint oil. I bought high gluten flour for bagels, low gluten flour for biscuits and pie dough, spearmint oil, and bag of the non-aluminum baking powder. I also got colored sugars for my King Cake for next year, and the gold sugars are actually *GOLD* not yellow.

We continued for not that much longer, and ended up just six miles from Mt. Washington, which was clear all around but for the very top which was lost in clouds. John found a lovely little motel with Wi-Fi and a restaurant not too far away with a gas station right next to it. It's amazing with how many cities are crammed so close together out here to find all this area with so much space in between. Green and rural and with farms and farmers and stands.

The plan is to get up early and get on the cog railway come rain or shine. I hope it shines... *laughs*
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