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On the Move

Our goal to day was Nashua, NH, in order to meet up with morgainelefae and rmd. We made it. Just. And even got good time with Regis at the hotel, both just talking beforehand and a little Monty Python Fluxx after dinner, while the laundry was done and the dryer nearly melted some of Jet's pajamas.... yeesh... commercial dryers...

We got up rather late, with John being sick and Jet up late watching Ghostbusters, so we weren't really up until nearly 9. We went to Milagro Coffee (which, amusingly enough, is roasted in Seattle) and to my joy we were actually far enough north that the coffee shop actually served Canadian-style crepes. I can't say if they're anything like French crepes, but they were somewhat like the ones that we can find in Vancouver, nearly the whole continent away... and I was grateful.

Though they didn't have chestnut cream, they did have Nutella and Jet got one with caramel sauce all through and over it instead of butter and powdered sugar. They were lovely and thin and a little crisp around the edges and folded into eighths around a thin layer of the filling so it was like eating lots and lots of tender layers all flavored with our topping of choice. Both of us loved our breakfasts. That was so goooood.

John had a muffin and a banana and was very content.

Then we went back to the room to make sure we had everything, and then we were on the road. John took the wheel for the two-lane highway driving, and I was grateful. Much of the Maine countryside reminded me, forcibly, of Scotland. The rocky rolling hills, the mists, the trees, and the narrow roads were so much the same as were the ancient farm houses. He took us all the way down through Maine to Augusta and we stopped for lunch at a McDonald's which had little Beanie Babies again and Jet got a cute little stuffed dolphin and ran around the play set until he was tired of banging his head on the tops of all the tubes. Jet looked a little rueful when he came back to us to say, "I'm tired of banging my head... let's go."

When we went on long road trips when he was 2 and 3 and 4, we'd stop every two hours at a playground or a climbing set at a McDonald's so that he could stretch his legs and play for a while. Now he's a little bit too big for that, and we were all a little sad about that.

The laptop wasn't holding enough charge for more than a dozen Looney Tunes episodes, but that was enough to tide Jet by for a bit, then he'd read or draw after it got smooth enough on the real freeway.

Center Suspension Bridge
We saw some amazing stuff. One was a suspension bridge where all the supports and suspension was in the MIDDLE of the bridge... the huge white strands fanned out from the center posts like feathers in a bird's wing... it was beautiful. I have a picture, but I'm probably going to have to wait until tomorrow to link it. Both boys are asleep now and I have no idea where my download cable went for my camera. *laughs*

Another thing that just flabbergasted me was two cars, one trying to get off the freeway and the other trying to get on and BOTH cars stopped in the middle of the on/off exchange ramp. Being a driver from LA that's just heresy and blasphemy all in one. What the heck are you doing STOPPING ON THE FREEWAY? But I've seen that behavior in Seattle. Polite or just confused, one might never know, but it just amazed me.

Nearly as much as the bright blue Mustang with white racing stripes that started showing blue lights and pulled someone over right in front of me. Mmm... racy state patrol cars...

I had fun in the traffic, honestly. I enjoy freeways, and the added excitement of all the traffic fanning across ten lanes to get to all the toll booths was nearly as good as the race to the remaining lanes once we'd paid. Tolls are cheap out here, compared to the ONE tollway in most of Colorado, the 470, which charges $2 every five miles, it seems. I loved that crazy merge of a dozen lanes into two or at most three. *laughs* I'm weird, I'll admit, but it's just more fun driving in a lot of traffic so long as it doesn't slow all the way to stop and go. And with the bigger car it's nice to be able to see where I want to get, and so long as I just drive confidently and not like some asshole, I seem to do just fine getting into lanes and finding space. No one seems to be overly aggressive.

The added amusement is that there seems to be a big city or town every few miles. There are no more open spaces like in Maine or out West. The temperature also did a steady climb the whole way south. We were wearing coats and sweatshirts in Maine, but by the time we got to the south part of NH, it was nearly 90°! We were using the air conditioning in the car and in the room as soon as we walked in.

Regis found us at the hotel, and we all went together in our car to Martha's Exchange, right in the middle of town. It was a nice place with a very extensive menu and a good kid's menu when Jet asked for one, and a very nice dessert menu to go with some coffee. We all arrived within minutes of each other and it was fun to actually get to hug morgainelefae and her lady. We all settled in and took a while to order as there were so many good things on the menu. I ended up with lamb on pita with lots of good salad things, and it was funny to find that both of us didn't like olives and liked soda water with lime. That was fun.

It was nice to just sit a while, eat great food, and talk about everything from publishing to gaming to geekdom and origami. Jet folded a few things, and I had fun putting together a box. Desserts were ordered, and we took our time over those, and Jet enjoyed the key lime pie very much, though, as he said, it looked more like a cheesecake than Key Lime Pie. *laughs*

Jet and John went to the bathroom and we went to the front of the restaurant. There I said that it was really good to get to meet up with them, and hugged morgainelefae and her Kris very happily. They wandered off into the slow rain. Jet and John came out and Jet was all like, "Where did they go?! I didn't get to say goodbye!!"

They were waiting for a light to change, so Jet ran after them, and gave them solid hugs good-bye, and was very much more content about the whole thing. He'd happily given them origami and had liked them very much, so he was glad he could at least say good-bye.

We then went back to the hotel, and got the laundry started. Then we tried to check on the pool to see if Jet could swim, as John wasn't up to it with his cold, and I wasn't up to it with aching from being in the car all day. But when we tried to see if he could go in, the gate to the pool was locked. The rain was coming down harder, but that was no excuse for the pool to be locked when one of the reasons we'd chosen it was so that Jet could swim and get some of the energy from being in the car all day used up a bit.

But we all went back to the room and played some Monty Python Fluxx, and Jet was much more content. He and I moved everything from the washer to the dryer mid-play, and then Regis had to take off to get home at a reasonable hour. I miss her... *laughs* a lot...

Jet and John watched some SpongeBob before going to sleep, and I went and checked on and folded the laundry because I had to be up for this anyway. *laughs* Some of Jet's pajamas are now two shades lighter in patches. Eek. And we have to get on the road by 8:30 tomorrow, so it'll be an early morning for us and breakfast at the inn.
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