Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Out in the Trees

We had an easy going day today, only made it as far as one of John's friends' house in Patterson, New York.

The sfogliatella was crisp even after a night in the refrigerator. The cream had hardened, but was still tasty and not that sweet. Jet's cannoli's cream hadn't faired quite so well, so he wasn't able to actually eat the whole thing and apologized about asking for it when it wasn't that good. I said that that was just part of trying new things.

We went a ways over the interstate and then through towns and villages and got to their house just on the edge of the country, and found the house the first time.

They have a huge, lovely house on several acres of woods that they'd gotten on a foreclosure. So there was a lot of room for playing in. There's gardens, a maze, ponds, a tree house, and a pool. They have three kids, and so Jet got to play with other kids. We all had lunch together, and then the boys went swimming while the Moms sat by the pool and talked. That was really good. They offered us a room for the night.

It was a lovely day, sunny and warm, and we just sat around the backyard and the pool and talked and shared stuff all day.

Lazy Mermaid Mitts
In return we got Chinese take-out for dinner, and I gave, as a hostess gift, a this pair of fingerless gloves that I'd done in the car while we were driving. I'd used the Knitty Pomatomus pattern as a starting place, but I'm a lot lazier and not quite able to do 70+ stitches for a fingerless glove.

It was a lot of fun, and Jet had a really great time having other kids to play with and with the swimming, running around, and everything else he fell asleep instantly.

It's been a lot of fun to just sit and talk and to let Jet just play with other kids for a whole day. They've been having quite the adventure with their 100+ year old house and all the things that come with it. They have several parrots and a new puppy as well as three kids, so it's a very cheerful, busy family and household. So Jet's having a great time with them.
Tags: 2009_roadtrip, travel

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