Many many thanks to akuni for spotting this for me on fandom secrets, as I'm very bad at following anything pertaining to fandom myself...

... and thank you to whomever posted it. I'm... amazed and humbled. I'd been... for all kinds of odd reasons I've been very down on my fanfiction lately and this just made me feel much, much better. So you're both welcome to whatever I can write... and thank you for helping me out when I've been feeling rather down about my writing lately.
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Oh, that's wonderful! What a sweet anonymous tribute.

It wasn't me, but I like your fiction writing too, even when too flaky or busy to comment. You care about your characters and that comes through very clearly in the stories, you aren't just making them dance and suffer for the audience. And your prose is clear, grounded in the everyday sensory things that matter to me as a reader - I'm thinking of Hakkai in the tea garden - and yet sometimes poetic. I hope you keep writing for a long time :)

*hugs you warmly*

Thank you, so much. I'm glad that the stories please, and I guess that's another thing to thank them for, it's really cool to hear from you, too, when you can.

I know it's an extra effort to comment, so I'm just always glad when someone can. *laughs* I'm not always as good at it as I'd like to be...
I always keep your stories open in a tab for reading when time clears up to sit down and do such things. I'm glad Anon said such agreeable things. I've had those thoughts, too, and I apologize for being such a poor commenter. Your stories are really wonderful, and you made Ukitake and Shunsui come alive for me!

You do firstrate collaborations, too!
Thank you for saying here! No reason to apologize, you often comment on stories and I appreciate them very much when you can!

Like now. :-) AND you rec'ed some of my stories as well, that meant a lot to me.

I'm glad that you enjoy my Ukitake and Shunsui and the collaborations have been a lot of fun. It's good to mix with someone whose style is different than mine.
(hugs) thank you!

Your support has always been inspiring. So thank you, so much.
I'm only too pleased to have encouraged you!

I have also just received your postcard. Thank you! It's brilliant. Though I would have been as nervous as anything in that train, seeing it . . .
*laughs* It was very old and bumpy... and rather cold at the top; but it worked all right. There was something solid about the way it was built that as more reassuring, perhaps. I'm not sure...
I am so, so glad Akuni pointed that out to you as well! What a lovely tribute and I agree with the poster's sentiments.
I was really happy to see this and have the opportunity to share a wonderful compliment with someone who really deserves it. ♥
I did not write it, but I agree with her/him.

And I hope you take it to heart and realize that yes it is a very deserved compliment. *hugs*
*hugs back warmly*

Thank you so much. That's very helpful indeed. I am realizing with all this travel that I just haven't had the energy to write, that it isn't a fault of mine that is causing me to fail... whew...