Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


My massage is in half an hour. Yay!

John's Mom and Dad are back for Oklahoma! Yay!

Jet didn't warm up to them immediately. He isn't quite sure who they are, yet... but he was laughing and playing with them after a few hours. Yay!

My office is nearly *all* packed. Whew. We're moving to the Longmont facility this coming weekend. Whooie. Yes, this is the building where folks were asking when the shops were going to move into the mall. The decor is just astonishing... quiet rooms, a stone fireplace, a cafeteria, speciality glass for the meeting rooms with hand made paper in them, a trendy little breakroom in the middle of the building with all the cubes along the windows. I actually have a corner office, that I'll be occupying exactly two mornings out of the week... nearly seems a waste...
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