Small Things

We went and watched G-Force on Opening Day, first thing in the morning, and at 10 am, the theater was completely empty. *laughs*

It was a fun movie, not a lot to it and the motivations for the villains were... shallow. *laughs* But the guinea pigs were fun as was the whole interaction and the effects, of course, just kind of took over for most of it. We all enjoyed it, though, so well worth a matinée price.

I picked through 2 pounds of pinto beans this morning and got them started cooking. It's amazing how good I feel when I find a rock in the among the beans. *laughs* It's a tooth saved and so simple to do.
*laughs* I got out of going to see this movie because our local day camp was sending the kids with the cousenlors so I foisted Cosmo off on them that day. ;)

Sadly I don't think I can get away from it completely though, because now he wants the G force Wii game for his birthday. *facepalm*
Lucky you!! Hee...

*laughs* at the last.

Yeah, movies always come in two waves. Jet and I are having so much fun with the "Up" game I can't complain TOO much...