Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Two Bits of Good Luck

One is that my replacement Verizon Blitz arrived today. It's a different make than my first one, the keys and black bits are all matte instead of shiny. It's just solid feeling, and I'm halfway wondering if it's a newer make. It had all the testing data for it on the cover of the box it came in, which was reassuring in an odd way. With a battery in it, it works great. I'll hope my run of rum luck with electronics might be over, *crosses fingers*.

The second is that I got cranky and called HP support one more time (as our coverage with them ends in August) and support escalated to their management; and they're going to look into just replacing the whole thing. That was the one thing that I could think of that might make me okay with them. Besides one happy vote for Acer desktops, on the most part I've only gotten Mac suggestions, which makes me believe that everyone thinks all the Windows PCs pretty much suck equally (laughs). So I thought I might as well roll the dice on something we knew about, first, as our other HP machine has been a workhorse for nearly 8 years, now.
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