... my plot bunnies are trying to eat me alive. Help me fight back.

Word war at 10 am MST (noon EST, 9 am PST) in the usual place for yaoi/fanfic writers.

The way it works:
- A start time is declared.
- At the start time a 30 minute clock is started, and everyone writes/draws/whatever.
- Chatting is discouraged during the 30 minutes.
- At the end of the time period, everyone compares notes as they wish.

Winners are anyone that gets some words down. *laughs*
Aah, I've been wanting to do one of these... Hopefully I'll make it :)
I suspect I won't make that time, but I'll be thinking of you!

(Your zanpakutou is a vorpal bunny?)
Ah, so that's eleven my time (that would be central)? I'm going to try to attend! I've never done one before. :)