I'm very sore and tired, but also very happy with the last few days.

Only thing is that I'm exhausted, too; and the new machine arrived and has been very happily setup, powered up, and is burning in with all the things that I've had to download and install and all. I've still got to find my old disks for Word. So I'm not going to be terribly useful for a day or two; and then we're packing for Seattle, anyway, so... I'm not in too huge a hurry.

So I'm just trying to get everything up... and I shall sleep tonight. The days in Wyoming were really amazing, but the nights were utterly frigid. So I need to catch up on my sleep a little.
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*hugs tight* glad you got home safe ... word wars sunday whenever I get home from work??? 7-8pm EST???
Sure thing. I think. It's going to depend on the boys' dinner plans, at that time, as it's 5-6 my time. But after dinner, sure thing.
...but the nights were utterly frigid. So I need to catch up on my sleep a little.

Heh... I caught up on some sleep last night because it's finally cool enough to sleep here. It was insanely hot this last week.
Yeah, I saw that on Facebook.

Sends you the 36 degree nights and sucks up some of the warmth.

I mean, we're *used* to 90 degree days, but the nights go down to the 50's so we're good...
By the time Thursday got up only to 90-some degrees, it seemed like a relief. Wednesday was officially 103°, which made it easily the hottest day on record in Seattle, ever.
Heh. NOW it's probably feeling really good...

.. I guess we brought the clouds with us.
Glad to hear you're safely back, and that the new computer is nicely set up and burning in! Enjoy some rest. :)