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All Packed Again...

... and ready to roll.

Cookies made, swimming swum, wedding present made and wrapped, addresses entered into the GPS, maps printed, shopping lists (for Trader Joe's, the Farmer's Market, the waterfront, Redmond, and the downtown Uwajimaya) made and recorded, fresh-picked sage from the Wyoming Highlands is filling my entire suitcase with its scent, and our schedule completely filled up the wazoo with folks we need to see and couldn't fit everyone we wanted. *sighs* It's just a week, I tell myself. Just a week...

The machine is up and running nearly everything I need, though I had to giggle a lot when I found that I didn't have Adobe's Reader on it when trying to look at a knitting pattern. I am finally getting comfortable with it and leaving it to sleep all day when I'm not on it and just getting back on as I need, and having it always come back up has been reassuring. Perhaps I'll gain enough trust of it to write again. I might still buy some memory stick from Fry's to back up my writing and the GIMP sources for all my drawings. Pictures are backed up on DVD and on the huge memory on the anchor machine of our network, and those include all my paintings I've sold or given away.

The funny thing is that I'm now torn about leaving it for a whole week and going back to the laptop. A good sign.

Rode my bike from the church when the boys did vacation bible school tonight. Just five miles, but it felt really good to do, and my breathing's good and clear. Yay! Anyway, I should sleep well tonight because of that. *laughs* Goodnight, folks. I'll have some access after Friday, but I don't really know how much or when. John's been threatening to bring the wireless... *laughs* That would be cool.

I just need my list and card by my bed and I should sleep really well. I'll need to, we're up at 5 to get to our plane.
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