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Aieee... Jet went off last night on his first sleepover, and has done just fine. Enjoyed himself, and was pretty happy about being invited to the party of an eleven-year-old when he's only eight.

Amazing how quickly he's grown up, and very cool too as he's just capable of all that now and better yet, he's got the self-confidence to just pull it off when he's mind's set on doing it. I love that. I guess I've never been one of those mothers that mourns when their kid is more capable. I'm all for it, Go, Jet, Go! He'll be happier knowing he can do something by *doing* it.

With Jet off to school, I thought I'd be writing more. I have been... got 2700 words of Twin Souls done in Word Wars on Thursday morning; but I'm finding it harder to spend the whole day writing. Of course I then spent all of yesterday at the optometrist's and trying to adjust to my new contacts as well as prepping for a party today. A "We Survived The First Week of School" party with the usual umpteen people we've invited.

So I took the graph I'd made in the previous post about mermaid style fingerless gloves and made a mirrored (each one is a reflection of the other) pair with a patterned palm. It was simpler in that I didn't have to worry about how many stockinette stitches, and it made for an oddly more elegant pair of gloves. My cell phone now takes some pretty amazing pictures, and it still bemuses me that sending a picture from it "costs" the same as sendint a 160 character text message. I think I shall use that feature more often, especially since Flickr allows for easy upload of single pictures from a cell phone through the use of an email address.

I've now sent them off to be gifted, a very very late birthday present.

I also worked more on the shipwreck shawl. It's slow going, with 52 rows of beaded mesh on four different sized needles, but I'm nearly done with the second needle's worth and the edging really looks no bigger to my eye, so no picture here. *laughs*

Pine Tree
I've painted a little. Something different than my usual 'slap it on in the general shape of a thing', it's actually fairly detailed line work which I then painted color on top of, since the ink itself is nearly permanent after it's dried. The glue in the ink works pretty well even with water and brush on top. I don't like my control of the color, yet, but I like the layout and I now I want to do more than one tree. The scanner added the vertical shadow bars, but I'm too lazy to do it again at the moment.

I think I'll be doing more of this with more of the classical compositions of greater and less tree, or how a group should be composed. All the traditional restrictions seem to just free me up to just do it more easily.

Scissors Fob
And finally I just sat down and put together a beaded scissors fob for the lady that had donated to the California gay marriage support. It was easier than I'd been thinking, when I got all my beads out and just started stringing and knotting. I should probably have put another simple bead right on the clasp, but it is pretty enough at the moment. And if that string goes and the big bead comes off, there will be plenty of line to just tie at end to the clasp, come to think of it.

It's going in the mail soon, too.

My optometrist appointment was good, but the results have been a little bemusing. Turns out that I'm getting old and my eyes aren't able to focus on the near stuff as well as they used to when I have my gawdawful correction for nearsightedness in place. My right eye is at 8.0 diopters. Thing is that with the lens in, i have a 1.75 far sightedness correction needed for reading near stuff. So the doc just took 1.75 diopters off my left eye's correction and now my left eye sees near things as clear as crystal. Problem is that with that correction in my left eye sees things as being fuzzy even five or six feet away.

My brain's supposed to be able to make the adjustment, but I had a fullblown headache last night after trying for just half a day. I suppose that maybe I was concentrating too much on the differences. So I'm going to let it all ride for the weekend. With a party in the works, I'll hopefully be too distracted to notice. *laughs*
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