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"We Survived the First Week of School" Party

Jet's first overnight stay elsewhere was a doozy. He was up until 2 am watching Harry Potter movies and then up at 6 because there were kids that went to sleep early that were too excited to stay asleep... and then he swam at Union reservoir and when he came home at 2:30 he had a snack and sat on the couch to tell me about the party and before I even realized it he was fast asleep on the couch.

He got a good hour's nap and we did some stuff together to help him wake up. He said, rather plaintively in the midst of it, "I didn't think our party was today."

We ended up with over fifty people, adults and kids, and most of the party was outside in our backyard, with the kids running around with water balloons and using the water cannon and water slide off the play structure. It was a good 90+ degrees today, so it was a great way to cool off and no one got especially cold until after the sun had gone down. Then the hot tub opened up, and everyone that did get cold got warm again.

That was nice.

Everyone that came said that they had a good time, so that was all to the good. I had an okay time, really enjoyed the pulled pork that we smoked yesterday (a good four hours on the unlit side of the grill with the soaked wood chips over the fire) in a simple hot dog bun with BBQ sauce. The food was great, the people were fun to be with, and it's always kind of cool to just be able to do these parties without too much fuss.

Most of the people were from the neighborhood, the majority were the families that we see at the bus stop every day. A few were just in the neighborhood, one was from the church who know everyone here, pretty much. There's actually a Longmont incentive for people to throw parties to get to know their neighbors, because when people know their neighbors they usually look out for each other better than when they're strangers. I kind of like that there's actually a push in the town to have people know the people they live with.

Right now Jet's up shooting one of his friends with a Nerf gun and cheerfully getting shot back. Another late night. There's just three kids left, and I suspect Jet will fall over again when he's in bed. Luckily, I don't think there's anything *he* is signed up for at church tomorrow, so he and I might just sleep in tomorrow and stay home. I hope.

Not much to clean up, as usual, as most of the stuff we used can be put into our dishwasher, and both John and I worked that as we went. The mosquitoes have come into the house, though, and I'm just killing them as they come to me. *laughs* The occasional fly is more bothersome than the party stuff, but it's always nice having people help out with things. We found an enormous white spider under our awning. It's so white it shines, and just its body is nearly the size of a quarter. That's big.

We left it in its web. I'm glad of it as maybe it'll help with the mosquitoes!

So we've all survived our first week with school. Someone was talking about having another party next weekend, for the first full week of school. *laughs* That would be fun.
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