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Yo, Joe!! and Only In Colorado

John and I got to see GI Joe, and it was good clean fun. Hee.

She was my role model when I was watching the cartoons. Smart and capable and still good-looking and able to play with the boys. I loved her.

But she was *older than me*!! Damnit, and now she's... younger and vulnerable at the wrong times, and still has stuff to learn; but she made up for it by being really good at what she does, knowing all the languages she does, and still rides a motorcycle like no one else.

I loved it for many of the same reasons I loved the AU Star Trek movie. It took all the best elements, the way I *felt* about certain characters and turned them solid, real, and gave them really sweet moves and good capabilities and fun cinema graphics. Both the good guys and the bad.

And it was worth the whole entrance to hear Ripcord say, "And your hair is so realistic!" And then he gets grabbed as he tries to feel the hair. "Agh! And a real Kung-fu grip! Agh!"

I died laughing at that.

I knew GI Joe through the TV shows and the comicbooks, not like John, who played with the first action figures, so he only knew Joe through, well, Joe. Not all the Joes who worked as a team. He didn't die when the General said, "And knowing is half the battle!" the way I did. *grins*

One problem with watching too much Mythbusters are the times when one has to really work at suspending disbelief. It's amazing how many movie effects are completely unrealistic now. Things like fire underwater for 'engines', explosions underwater (the amazing thing is that the recent Bond movies do them for *real*, and the underwater fuel explosions do the *right* thing), and the specifics of a plot device just didn't work for me. I had to kind of just float through some of it.

Worse still was having *done* character motivation for bad guys, the motivations for one of the bad guys was so thin I was just cringing in my seat from it. And there was a cheat involved that... *shakes head* Now I know what to avoid...

... and Knowing is Half the Battle!

(dies laughing again)
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