Drabble: Small Gifts

Fandom: Bleach
Chararcter: Renji
Prompt: Soap
Rating: PG
A/N: I guess this was especially appropriate to post on Renji's birthday.

Growing up, Renji had to steal even drinking water, so the barracks showers were like heaven. Still, he'd rather kill than admit he loved the camellia oil soap that Kuchiki-taichou absentmindedly gave him one birthday.

Creamy smooth, scentless, soothing; it slid over his tattooed skin, slicking off blood and dirt, leaving trails of lather that rinsed clean. He used it all and sadly went back to a cheaper bar.

A crate of camellia soap appeared his next birthday.

Unsigned, it made Renji wary, but he eventually indulged in his gift.

"Finally," murmured Kira.

Shuuhei simply grinned from amid the steam.

*giggles* Oh, I like this. Totally in character. Thank you for sharing it! :)

(We just saw the episode in the HM arc where they're about to split up and Renji makes everyone do his good luck ritual. I loved how it seemed a bit dorky at first and then he delivered the speech with style, turning it into an actual cool moment.)
Hoorah!! *dances* I really enjoyed writing this one... *happy sighs*

I LOVED that episode!! Yeah! He does change it into something amazing, just from sheer force of will and being completely undeterred by how dorky it could be! *grins* Wow.... you folks are pretty well into it!

Thank you!
*giggles* I dunno... he has a whole crate of pretty expensive soap... *laughs*
Short, sweet, and absolutely adorable. Made me smile, which I rarely do...and which I really needed tonight. So thank you.
I'm glad I could help! You're very welcome, and I'm glad that the story pleased.

I know it was just RENJI...but I slashed my way through this little ficlet. Quiver before my slashy powers!

btw, I feel like I haven't read or written ANY bleach fanfiction in years. Gotta get down to it

Well, yeah... there's three possibilities *EASY* in here. *laughs and laughs*

Go you!! Yeah... this summer's just been slow for a lot of people, and it's time I got back on the horse again. Nice to get the ideas as I wrestling with the story, though. hee.
Ahh, doesn't matter how many times I read it. Puts a silly little smile on my face every time. <3
I think it's Shuuhei. *laughs* Really, I do. His smirk lets everyone grin as well.