Drabble: Wayward Heart

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Riku Roxas
Prompt: "That's lame, man."
Rating: PG
Requester: morgainelefae
A/N: It was cool to be able to revisit KH, as my very first fic was in that fandom.

Heartless spread about him like ants on sugar.

Roxas hurt from killing Xion, but not just from his wounds. What good was being Heartless if his heart still ached?

Now this.

When the blindfolded kid jumped in, Roxas rallied with someone fighting at his side. Keyblades flashing they kicked Shadow butt.

Then Riku had to say, "You have to go back to Sora."

"That's lame, man. Why do I have to be the one to end?" Roxas said hotly.

"Because you never should have existed."

Even as he hefted Xion's keyblade to attack Riku, Roxas's nonexistent heart had to agree.
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It is sad...

The very first thing I played in the series was KH2, and I *was* Roxas for like four hours of play time and then he suddenly *disappeared* into Sora and I was like WHAT?!? I missed him...

Jet was intrigued the other day by the ants in a yard, and the first thing he thought of doing was running to get a sugar cube to put by the nest's entrance... *laughs* It was pretty amazing.
Wooo!! That *is* brave of you!

Aww... I'm so very glad that it worked so well for you, that... wow. Thanks.

*hugs* Yay for good heart-achy angsty fun with the game! *grins*
Interesting. I think I like it.

The prose seems... a little jagged, if that makes sense. Curse my low-grade synaethsthetic sense.
Mmmm... yeah... with that few words, the jumps to the next plot point are pretty big. *grins*

Thank you! I'm glad that it pleased enough for you to leave a comment! I always appreciate that.

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